Algeria, transition led by Bouteflika entry wedge


The popular movement hostile to power continues in Algeria.

More than a million people demonstrated Friday, March 15, still calm and for the fourth week of protest in a row, to reject the solution put in place by the authorities for the coming transitional period.

The Algerians are again out on the street. By hundreds of thousands in Algiers, more than a million in the country, for a fourth Friday of protest, demanding the departure of President Bouteflika and "his regime".

The March 11 letter of the Algerian President, 82 years old and ill, announcing his intention to cancel the election of the presidential election of April 18 and his intention to no longer be a candidate "Failed to divide the popular movement", said Zoubida Assoul, one of the Algerian opposition figures, in the street on Friday, March 15 afternoon, under a bright sun.

Algeria would like to turn the page of Bouteflika years

"A rule of law can not be built by an outlaw"

One of the hundreds of banners made in a movement that is organized from week to week, summed up the popular response: "A rule of law can not be built by an outlaw". A direct reference to the Algerian president's claim to lead the transition period about a year beyond the end of his 4e mandate, scheduled for 26 April.

The slogans have also quickly adapted to the new situation, one of them with "we no longer have slogans, clear". Around 3 pm on Friday, the police forces in Audin Square had to give way, facing a dangerously compact crowd, freeing access to boulevard Mohamed V leading to the heights and the presidential palace of El Mouradia.

But the demonstration did not push its advantage further, much to the relief of all. Friday 1st Last March, a scramble following tear gas shots led to the death of a 57-year-old protester, the only one to deplore after 3 weeks of peaceful uprising.

"Macron, it's a failure"

"The wind of change has blown hard on Algeria today, and the heads that the regime has proposed for us to make a Second Republic know what the people think of them" explains Lina, a 26-year veterinarian and NGO volunteer.

Lakhdar Brahimi, 85, an international diplomat, has been exposed for several days to " to sell " a political transition project that listens to the people. "Persona non grata"answered hundreds of posters. Nourredine Bedoui, the new prime minister, and his deputy prime minister, Ramtane Lamamra, are not even mentioned: "They are part of the Bouteflika clan, they will leave with him", Lina promises.

Bedoui – Lamamra, a tandem of the system to embody the transition in Algeria

Numerous billboards and banners have not failed to criticize France and its president, Emmanuel Macron, for his position favorable to the renunciation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, on March 11, but silent on his stay in power beyond of his mandate. "If Macron hoped to help by this declaration the Bouteflika clan, it's a failure", explained on Radio M, this Friday morning, Me Mostapha Bouchachi, one of the most prominent figures to play a role in the transition phase to come.

Algeria, the precautions of the French government

It will open in the next few days, but its leaders sensed as such by the power in place were disqualified "In a new popular referendum"according to the expression of the human rights lawyer.

Amine Kadi



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