Algerian authorities have decided to re-open the source of the "Sidi Grand", located in the municipality of Red eye in the city of Tipaza, adjacent to the Algerian capital, after being suspected of being a source of cholera, which spread in areas of the country, last August. The Directorate of Water Resources in the province of Tipaza province, Saturday, "completed the preparation work at the source, which was launched immediately after the announcement of the government analysis laboratory on the results proved the lack of potable water to drink, following the outbreak of cholera epidemic." The Directorate confirmed that the reopening of the source will take place on Sunday, after the completion of the re-configuration work, and that "its water is safe to drink according to the latest results of analyzes conducted to protect the health of citizens." The Directorate pointed out that the works included changing the channels of the water source of "Sidi Grand" from the source to the estuary, and the preparation of the environment and clean it and placed under regular observation. The decision to close the local authorities to the source of the "Sidi al-Kabir" sparked the anger of the region's residents and sparked controversy on social networking sites. Videos of people drinking from the source were circulated in a way that denies that the source is a hotbed of cholera. .


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