| Alia Poland! | Mangalam

Doha: Crucial matches in World Cup Football Group C today. Poland will face Argentina and Saudi Arabia will face Mexico. Poland is first with four points from two games and Argentina is second with three points. Saudi Arabia and Argentina have three points each. If they beat Poland, Argentina will reach the knockout stage as the top seed. Even with a draw, Poland can advance.
All four teams have a chance. If they lose, Argentina will go out and Poland will go to the pre-quarters. Argentina need a win or a draw to keep their chances alive. If they win, they can reach the pre-quarters regardless of the results of other matches with six points. If there is a tie, it will have to depend on the match between Saudi Arabia and Mexico. If Saudi wins, Argentina and Mexico will be eliminated. Saudi will pass with six points. If Mexico wins, they and Argentina will have four points each. With that, the goal difference will determine the pre-quarters. Poland have won two of their last three matches against Argentina. Poland is leading in five matches. Poland recorded two wins and Argentina one win. Poland’s best performance was a 3-2 win on June 15, 1974. In the match held on June 5, 2011, Poland won (2-1). Argentina started their journey to the World Cup title by defeating Poland in the 1978 World Cup. Argentina could not win in the last two World Cup matches against European countries. They were defeated by Croatia (3-0) and France (4-3). Argentina’s hope is superstar Lionel Messi, who has scored in six consecutive matches. Messi also managed to join the late legend Diego Maradona (eight) in scoring goals. Poland’s hope is Roberto Lewandowski who is playing full with a goal and an assist.
Group D is also not that easy. France went through the knockout stages. The second team is known today. Australia with three points will face Denmark with just one point. If the match is tied, Australia will have to rely on the result of the France match. Denmark will advance to the next round with four points if they beat Australia and France overcome Tunisia.