Alianza Bravo Pueblo rejects the imposition of Cuban medicines as they are considered harmful to health

Abdala, Bravo Pueblo Alliance

In the opinion of the obstetrician-gynecologist at Alianza Bravo Pueblo, Claudio LunaThe Cuban experimental drugs Abdala and Soberana 02 cannot yet be considered vaccines, because no competent, authorized and credible body with worldwide credibility, such as the FDA, the WHO or the EMA; for example, it has certified its effectiveness.

Luna said that the products mentioned may be wonderful. However, if before being applied they are not subjected to scientific scrutiny, through the relevant and controlled methods and trials that determine their efficacy, effectiveness and absence of collateral effects, their application becomes a risk to the health of the population. exposed, and from an administrative point of view, it is a questionable event, since a supposed drug that does not have scientific endorsement is being acquired with money from Venezuelans, a disbursement that could be invested in a real vaccine, which has the studies, certification and endorsement of time.

For her part, the pediatrician María Arana stated that there is a possibility that the aforementioned drugs are being brought to Venezuela on an experimental basis, to carry out the respective phase 3 studies, in which case, the Venezuelan State should not make any disbursement, since the cost of said studies should be fully financed by the Cuban state.

Arana indicated that the alert of the National Academy of Medicine must be heard, due to its flawless history of 107 years, regarding the risks to the population due to the application of a drug that lacks certification by international health organizations.

Finally, the doctor Ramón Camacho, affirmed: «we are not for inventions, nor are these moments for shady businesses, the country demands seriousness and responsibility in such a sensitive and important issue, which has to do with the life and health of Venezuelans ».

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The doctor added: “We do not understand why we have to tie ourselves to Cuban underdevelopment, when the country demands that a real vaccine be acquired, which guarantees the health of the Venezuelan in the face of the serious deterioration of the national health system.”

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