Alicante repeats itself as the most liberal City Council of the large Spanish cities

The Town Hall of Alicante repeats one more year as the most liberal consistory of the big Spanish cities. Your score on the ranking prepared by the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty is 64.87 points out of 100, enough to be ahead of Vigowhich receives an evaluation of 64.37 points, and of Almeriawhich completes the podium of honor with a score of 64 points.

Among the ten best-scored municipalities are also Castellón, San Sebastián, Oviedo, Pamplona, ​​Málaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Coruña, with scores ranging from 59.23 to 62.52 points. On the other hand, the worst mark of all is obtained by Marbella, with 38.27 points, followed by Jerez de la Frontera, Tarragona, Lérida, Huelva, Barcelona, ​​Parla, Alcorcón, Valencia or Granada, where the measurement of the degree of freedom economic gives a score between 40.89 and 45.6 points.

The result of Madrid is not something to write home about, since it only appears in number 40 of the 50 cities analyzed. However the ranking European Fundalib points out that Madrid is close to entering the top diez of the great capitals of the Old Continent with a greater degree of economic freedom at the municipal level. On the other hand, Barcelona is ranked 45th on the list.


During the last year, the cities that raised their score the most were Bilbao (+7.69 points), San Sebastián (+6.44 points), Badajoz (5.79 points), La Coruña (+5.65 points) and Two Sisters (+5.11 points). On the other hand, the greatest setbacks are those observed in Gijón (-3.36 points), Badalona (-2.16 points), Zaragoza (-1.52 points), Huelva (-1.49 points) and Tarragona (-1 ,30 points).

Of the 37.1% of the population that resides in the fifty main cities of the country, 3.43% live in cities with moderate economic freedom at the municipal level, while 14.75% are residents of capitals with acceptable economic freedom. at the local level and 18.88% are registered in localities with a deficient level of economic freedom in relation to their consistory.