Alice Detollenaere: her beautiful declaration of love to her companion Camille Lacourt on Instagram

Alice Detollenaere shared a series of moving photos with her companion Camille Lacourt, in which she made him a beautiful declaration of love. Beautiful words appreciated by the fans, who did not fail to rave about the beauty of the couple.

Camille Lacourt seems spin the perfect love with his girlfriend Alice Detollenare. The young woman reminded him of the strength of his feelings in an Instagram post. A welcome declaration of love, as the swimmer told in his autobiography, “Fifty Shades of Blue”, have been unfortunate” in his marriage to Valérie Bègue. He did not hesitate to call the former beauty queen a“unliveable”, while considering himself to have been “undrinkable” at the time. According to him, the two lovers made the mistake of getting married too late, whereas “something between us was starting to crack.” He believes today that they have undoubtedly “married to try to stop this crack.”I was unhappy. She was unhappy.” he simply concluded. A sad end to a beautiful love story.


Fortunately, those tough days are behind the swimmerwho is spinning today the perfect love with the model and also former beauty queen Alice Detollenare. A love that the young woman wanted to share with her fans and loved ones, since she published on Instagram a series of photos and videos showing his feelings, with, in the caption of the publication, four very explicit letters: “L.O.V.E” (“Amour” in English), framed by two blue hearts (color of water, element of his swimming man). In the first image, we see the two lovebirds embracing, the model tenderly kissing her half on the cheek, having her face turned towards her, her eyes closed, a tender smile on her lips.

On the last image, the roles are reversed: it is now him who kisses her, her eyes still closed with happiness, she fixing the lens with a sweet smile. Between the two, short videos of the young woman dancing by the pool, taking a walk, or simply posing. Images that touched the fanswho did not hesitate to call the model a “Wonder Woman”, “Super mama”, or to rave about the couple: “You two are so cute”. A joy that is pleasing to see.