Alice Nevers (TF1): casting, date, plot ... All about the season 16

Alice Nevers (TF1): casting, date, plot ... All about the season 16

It’s a Alice Nevers ( Marine Delterme ) in a very bad position that the writers left at the end of the season 15. After having managed to repair one of his mistakes of youth, the examining magistrate was indeed removed under the helpless eyes of the commander Marquand ( Jean-Michel Tinivelli ) and unconscious jetty in a van. Life is really not a quiet river for the lawyer and his lover of cop, who had finally decided to ask his hand in good form … What will happen in the season 16 of Alice Nevers ? What will be the fate of the investigating judge? When will the new episodes be released? Tele-Loisirs make the point. ⋙ Alice Nevers (TF1): jealousy, the mistake of youth … Marine Delterme and Jean-Michel Tinivelli confide on the setbacks of their character (VIDEO) Alice Nevers, season 16 – Date Season 16 of the crime series is expected to return in the spring of 2019. Alice Nevers, season 16 – Episodes Like the previous one, season 16 of Alice Nevers will count 10 episodes. Alice Nevers, season 16 – Intrigue Who kidnapped Alice Nevers ? Why ? Will Commander Marquand save the woman from her life again? What about their marriage? Will he finally be celebrated? Will Leah continue to crack down? These are the questions that the 16th chapter of the police series TF1 should, among others, answer … Alice Nevers, season 16 – Actors Marine Delterme will re-thread his judge dress and Jean-Michel Tinivelli his cop uniform in season 16 of Alice Nevers . same for me Gary Mihaileanu , the interpreter of Kadiri, and Guillaume Carcaud , who encamps Victor, the faithful clerk. And as every year, many guests should also invite themselves on the set of Alice Nevers … ⋙ Marine Delterme (Alice Nevers) unveils a photo of her glamorous model years! (PHOTO)

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