Alicja Majewska forgave her husband for betrayal. She took care of him until his death

Alicja Majewska is certainly one of the most recognizable artists in Poland. The singer turns 75 and is still professionally active. Despite many successes, the singer’s private life so far has not been as fabulous as it might seem. The betrayal of her husband was certainly one of the most difficult moments.

Despite the passing years, Alicja Majewska’s musical talent still impresses as much as at the beginning of her career. The artist turns 75 years old and still has inexhaustible reserves of energy. She made her debut in the second half of the 1960s and almost immediately gained quite a large group of fans. However, her private life was not a bed of roses. The singer had to face her husband’s betrayal and face separation. However, she still impresses with positive energy and optimism.

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Alicja Majewska was unlucky in her private life. Her husband cheated on her with another woman

Alicja Majewska knew from an early age that she had a musical talent. In 1968, she made her debut at the 4th Festival of Soviet Song in Zielona Góra. However, the eighties brought her the greatest popularity. It was then that the still-humming hit “Even there is a sail of white” saw the light of day. The artist has countless awards and lucrative collaborations to her credit. She performed with, among others, Wojciech Młynarski, Łucja Prus, Magda Czapińska and Włodzimierz Korcz, with whom she still forms an artistic duo.

Alicja Majewska was the wife of the compere. The marriage lasted 12 years

Alicja Majewska met her husband in her early youth. It was Janusz Budzyński, who already had the position of a respected journalist and compere at that time. At that time, the man was 15 years older than Majewska and had already been divorced twice. However, this did not discourage the talented artist. In 1972, in love, they got married.

The couple never had children and divorced after 12 years. Budzyński then left for another woman. The singer’s heart was never occupied after that. The media often speculated about her alleged relationship with Włodzimierz Korcz, but both sides maintain that their relationship is purely professional and purely friendly. Despite the divorce, when the ex-husband fell ill, the singer took care of him until his death. Budzyński died of late-diagnosed cancer. Despite difficult experiences, Alicja Majewska still impresses with her talent and does not intend to retire from music. On stage, he feels like a fish out of water.

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