„Ali­ta“ tu­ri nau­ją ga­my­bos va­do­vą

V. Mostovoy’s work experience is close to 20 years. For the last three years, he has held the position of process manager in the international Nemuno banga group of companies, as well as the position of food safety process manager in the production company NB eco belonging to it.

„V. Mostovoj brings a wide range of experience to the Alita plant in different areas of activity. This includes not only developing new products, ensuring product quality and organizing smooth production processes, but also organizing and managing the different internal processes of companies, as well as promoting employee motivation and involvement. Alita is our largest factory, which produces a significant part of all M GROUP Production products, not only for Lithuania, but also exported to different countries of the world, including distant, exotic markets. Therefore, we believe that together with the team, the new manager will not only achieve the goals set for the plant, but will also make a significant contribution to the success of the entire company, ”says Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production.

According to V. Mostovojus, the decision to join the Alita team was determined by the modern attitude of the factory managers and the team and ambitious goals.

“The progress, innovation and perfectionism of MV GROUP Production and Alita are reflected in the factory’s activities, team achievements and, of course, in the production – exceptional quality product news is constantly presented to consumers, establishing itself in Lithuania and abroad. It is a factory that nurtures decades-long traditions and raises the highest cartel for itself, ”says V. Mostovojus.

Among the most important goals of taking the position of Alita’s production manager, V. Mostovojus mentions not only the improvement of technical aspects of production – increasing productivity, process optimization and innovations, but also the increased attention of factory employees.

“One of the main goals of operating in the field of production is to ensure the safety and health of employees, as well as the coherence of the team. It is important for me personally that colleagues are proud of their work, feel involved and responsible, their needs are met – all this has a great impact not only on employee motivation, but also on work productivity, quality of products and business results, ”says V. Mostovojus.

In total, the team led by V. Mostovoy employs over 180 experts and specialists. Among the responsibilities of Alita’s production manager are increasing the plant’s competitiveness in the market, applying innovations and technologies, creating product news, and consistently developing specialists working in the plant.

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