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"Alita", when tired cyborgs

There are many who shudder with impatience or shudder at the thought of the release ofAlita: Battle Angel, Transcript on the screen of the famous, dark and melancholy Gunnm, written and drawn in the early nineties under the frenzied pen of the Japanese mangaka Yukito Kishiro – whose first French version was released between 1990 and 1995 by Glénat. At XXVIe In a cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic world, the cybernetician Dyson Ido found in the Iron City dump a carcass of a young cyborg woman fallen from the sky, with technological components that had been thought to have been lost for three hundred years. He calls her Alita (Gally in the manga).

Outcasts. At the helm of this "grand project" cinematographic – large especially by its budget, more than 200 million dollars (177.5 million euros) burnt for a ton of unsightly visual effects capable of triggering a series of vagal discomfort, including those who try to close their eyes – we find a James Cameron, who dreamed of this adaptation for twenty years. However, grabbed to follow up on his techno-green SF Avatar (four planned until 2025 …), the author of Titanic has passed the realization of his Alita dreamed of Robert Rodriguez, author of dummy and unbalanced films, genre Desperado, A night in hell, Spy Kids

Tribute or massacre? Not to beat around the bush, a beautiful ransacking all chrome clad, no soul or even small dynamo! Yukito Kishiro painstakingly draws a complex world between heaven and earth: a land of refuge for all pariahs (most cyborgs with human brains, beggars, prostitutes, killers, head hunters …) and a darkened sky by a heavenly city above their head, the so-called Zalem, inhabited "supposedly" by happy humans, 100% in flesh and feelings.

Alita, a post-coma, tries as best she can to reconnect with the path of her convoluted past, and give meaning to her life. She is rediscovering warrior instincts that she does not understand. And answers are quickly given to him on the screen, where they were rather distillées delicately in the manga, with many metaphysical questions on becoming cyborg (Alita is she really able to like?).

Thus compressed, several events are distributed as a series of indigestible albums of Martine : Alita sees Ido as a father (Christoph Waltz testing the range of his most silly tunes). Alita falls in love with a handsome kid. Alita becomes a bounty hunter and kills bad guys. Alita finds her past. Alita is quickly becoming an ace of Motorball – the favorite sport here below … The movie rolls on us like a 15-ton truck.

Sad vision. There is certainly a lot of "depth", 3D side, to fall even in the mirrors, mazes and stairs, and to feel almost at the side of this warrior face a steampunk monster steel claws. There are a lot of creatures, from the most terrible to the most ridiculous – why did they make the disturbing Nova, sort of big secret boss, here stereotyped as possible in the role of villain without contour a residue of cyber-Polnareff ready to end his days in the dark? All are struggling in a futuristic mid-barrio atmosphere of mid-dayAltered Carbon by night.

"Is it magic?" Alita asks, stunned as she watches Zalem stand in the sky, as she is told: "No, something much more important … technology!" From this short exchange, we take the measure of the sad vision of Cameron and Rodriguez, who have joined their respective teams, Lightstorm for one, Troublemaker Studios for the other, armed with their finest tools to trace a world to Abyssal dimensions, completely forgetting to beat the heart of their images – and their characters.

Jérémy Piette

Alita: Battle Angel of Robert Rodriguez with Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali … 02:02.



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