Alitalia Airlines Bankrupt, Flight Attendants Take Off

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

About 50 former flight attendants airline flight Italy Alitalia staged a demonstration by taking off their uniforms leaving only their underwear in the city center Roma recently.

Quoted from, Tuesday (26/10), while taking off their uniforms, they shouted “We are Alitalia.”

Their action was carried out to protest the policy of withholding work contracts and salary cuts carried out by ITA airline, the buyer of the Alitalia brand. For information, ITA is a new airline.

They bought the Alitalia brand. The purchase of the brand was made after Alitalia, which has served national flights in Italy for 75 years, was in financial trouble and was declared bankrupt in 2017.

Not only buying the Alitalia brand, ITA also took over approximately 3,000 of Alitalia’s 10,000 employees.

An ITA Airways flight attendant said after the takeover, she and her friends had their pay cut. He and his friends also lost seniority due to the corporate action.

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He and his friends are also no longer told where and when they will work.

Meanwhile, ITA President Alfredo Altavilla called the action an act of national shame.

“The contract bargains are more than done. They all agreed, and they have signed the contract we sent them,” Altavilla told Il Fatto Quotidiano earlier this month.

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