BIRTH – “Her mom’s lips, her daddy’s feet.” ?? This Sunday, October 18, Maxime Langlais and Alizée Williot, former candidates of the M6 ​​television game show “Pékin Express” ??, announced on Instagram the birth of their first child, a little girl named Thi-Wai ?? … .

“The fruit of our love is born” ??, wrote the father in the caption of the cliché featuring his family. The healthy baby is 52 centimeters tall and weighs 3,750 kilograms.

She was born a few days earlier, Thursday, October 15. “We are so happy and fulfilled by this little being that we already love with an indescribable love” ??, said the mother on her Instagram account.

It was last May that the two parents revealed that they were expecting a child. “No words can express the happiness that life offers us. This year promises to be full of changes,” said Alizée Williot. The dad confided: “In 2008, if I had been told that eleven years later, I would be married ?? and soon father of Alizée’s child, I would never have believed it. Thank you, life , thank you doe for giving me so much. “??

Former candidates of “Pékin Express” ??, Maxime Langlais and his partner participated in the last season of the adventure game. Despite their efforts, they did not manage to reach the gates of the final, won by Corsicans Julie and Denis.

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