Freddie Mercury
live, surely enjoy knowing that his life comes to the big screen with a blockbuster that promises to be one of the successes of 2018 across the globe. And it is possible that if he knew that the film portrays him in the best way but is involved in several scandals he would be much happier, since the singer and composer from Parsi always loved to draw attention and cause controversy.
            And is that a character of the size of the leader of

What in
He deserved a biopic at his height, with much glamor and also many discussions. For years, we have tried to carry out the project but the necessary approvals come from so many people that it is not strange that it has been so difficult to reach an agreement.

In mid-2010, the world woke up with the news that

Sacha Baron Cohen
he was going to put himself in Mercury's shoes, in what he considered to be the role of his life. The announcement was made on the BBC by Queen's guitarist,

Brian May
, and it was the beginning of an arduous work of preproduction, in which an attempt was made to arrive at a script that would satisfy all the involved parties. The negotiations, however, failed and the actor
He announced in 2013 that he was withdrawing from the project, amid rumors of disputes about how much of the film would be about the artist and how much about the band. Apparently, Baron Cohen wanted absolute prominence and the musicians wanted to be an important part of the story.
                The first images of Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about Freddie Mercury – Source: Youtube

            In 2015, preproduction and
in 2016 the new protagonist appeared,

Rami Malek
, who had dazzled on television with his leading role in the series
Mr. Robot but he did not possess the ego or the unpredictability of Baron Cohen. For the young American actor it was the great opportunity of his life and for the members of Queen, the possibility of being able to tell without hindrance the story they wanted to tell.

            The director chosen for the biopic was Bryan Singer, who seemed to be the ideal man for the position, since he had the necessary pulse to make a quality product, as he demonstrated in
The usual suspects u
Operation Valkyrie, and attractive to the general public, as was clear with the success of his saga with the X-Men.
            Singer, in addition, was recognized for knowing and portraying the LGTIBQ universe and its problems, as he did with many allegories of the Marvel superheroes and with several titles in which he participated as a producer.

            The enthusiasm generated by the project was soon overshadowed by a controversy that began as a rumor and ended in a major scandal: the behavior of Singer in the filming was tyrannical and his fights with Malek, constant. Not only that, at the height of the #MeToo, revived public complaints of children who already in 2014 had claimed to have been harassed by him at parties in Los Angeles.

                            Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury Credit: kindness Fox
                        For that reason, when on December 1, 2017 Singer was absent from the shooting "due to an indisposition" after the break of Thanksgiving,
the Fox studios decided to take matters into their own hands and immediately announced their dismissal in a brief statement. Who took his place was the director of photography, Thomas Newton Sigel, who completed the filming, which managed to maintain the planned schedule.
            Seeing the first cuts in the editing room, the executives were so happy that they began to share scenes and segments with people from the industry and critics, who praised Malek's work and the careful reconstruction of the era. However, when the first trailer was released social networks were filled with criticism because Mercury's link with other men was not shown, but only with his girlfriend.

                            The cast of Bohemian Rhapsody, in a scene from the film Credit: kindness Fox
                        The truth is that the life and sexuality of the singer of Queen is not easy to restrict to a single label. It is fair to say that Mary Austin was one of his great loves, a girlfriend with whom he lived all his rise to fame and with whom he never lost contact. In fact, it is he who inspired "Love of my life" and accompanied him in his illness until his last day, when they were no longer a couple and each had formed his own family. Today is who has the rights to his work.
            But Mercury also enjoyed relationships with other men and his nocturnal wanderings filled thousands of pages of English tabloids and around the world, generating surprise and stir in a society that presumed to be conservative. The hairdresser Jim Hutton was the one who accompanied him in the final stretch of his life. And while the trailer does not show the film, the film tells both love stories.
Bohemian Rhapsody is much more than a neat film: it is a testimony to the genius of Mercury as a composer, singer and performer, without neglecting the role played by his colleagues in Queen when it comes to building one of the most relevant works of art. popular culture of the twentieth century. The film shows the struggle of the musicians to be understood, to play songs that were not what the record companies were looking for and not to repeat formulas.

                            Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury Credit: kindness Fox
                        Those who go to the movies will go out singing all their great songs and will also know the fights, the excesses and the discussions. But, like what happens with much less ambitious projects such as the Netflix series about Luis Miguel or the Sandro biopic that Telefe issued, it is the "official version" of the events, approved by its protagonist or his heirs. So it ends up resembling a contemporary fable with a happy ending, where friendship and concord triumph.
            The film hints at Mercury's excesses, his addiction to drugs, his uncontrolled parties and the arguments he had with his bandmates. However, when seeing it, it is inevitable not to feel that certain themes or scenes could have been deepened, especially those related to HIV diagnosis and treatment.
                Bohemian Rhapsody trailer, the Queen movie – Source: YouTube

            However, the way in which the great songs of the group are shown and the way in which Malek manages to blend with Mercury beyond the costumes and false teeth makes it a unique cinematic experience.
            "The biggest obstacle to composing Freddie Mercury is that everyone has their own idea and affection for him, we all have memories of him or what he made us feel because he touched everyone in a unique way. you think about how to access a figure like that, so I chose to focus on its essence and how I identified with it when I was young, "Malek told LA NACIÓN.

                            Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury Credit: kindness Fox
                        For the interpreter, it was clear from the beginning that it was a role that would attract a lot of attention from the public and critics and that should be done with the utmost care. But, in his vision, it was part of a more general process, which began when he finished shooting the HBO war series
The Pacific in 2012 and took some time to live in Buenos Aires: "I moved to Argentina to live for almost a year to understand what I wanted to do with my life and with acting in general. Actually, I've had good jobs since then. "
            Putting himself in Mercury's shoes was as complicated as pleasurable and on several occasions he confessed that it took him "to get out" of the character once the tape was complete. "It's not so much that I've struggled to get out of the role, but I do not want to! I learned a lot and I would love for his spirit to accompany me as much as humanly possible!" He assured.
            But Bohemian Rhapsody is much more than the life of the singer of Queen, it is also the development of the dynamics of the whole and that also needed work. "We started working five weeks before shooting, because our first scene is the iconic Live Aid show, so we tried to work, to look at ourselves, to understand what the band was like on stage, and we were fortunate to have Brian very close to us. May and Roger Taylor, even going to bars and restaurants, those talks were very useful, "explained actor Gwilyn Lee, who achieved a perfect interpretation of May.

                            Bohemian RhapsodyFor the role of Deacon, the bassist, Malek worked with his former partner
The Pacific, Joseph Mazzello, who also looks on screen but had to work hard: "It's a relief that what sounds is not what we play, but the incredible songs of these authors and performers but the gestures, the mimicry, everything That must seem credible and credible, and we put a lot of effort into it personally, it was also difficult for me to accent, because John is from the center of England, an area that I did not know, that cost me a lot and my only relief is that We look alike, so maybe I'll make the spectators forget how I talk, "he assured with a laugh.
            The good weather between the three actors seems to have reigned on the set, at least since the departure of Singer, although they are not authorized to talk about it and it may take a long time until the truth is known. But they do share some anecdotes, especially linked to the characterization. "We went out of the trailers to film and we competed to find out who was the best dress of the four, and I always won! The looks of the 70s and 80s are unique and it's a fortune to be able to live that experience," Malek recalled. .
            There is no doubt that
Bohemian Rhapsody will be a hit worldwide and hundreds of thousands of people will leave the movie theaters happy after feeling Freddie Mercury again. It seems safe to say, too, that the singer would have had fun knowing all the obstacles that had to be overcome to achieve it.




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