All about the future social restaurant in preparation in Chartres

Those in charge of the Chartres Reception Center (Fac) plan to create a solidarity cooking workshop and a social restaurant, on the Latham site, where its headquarters are located and some of the accommodation it offers for people in great poverty.

What is the genesis of the project?

“The idea started from there: people have no place to rest, to breathe a little, at noon. This is what we want to answer. They will be able to do what they have to do, and between noon and two, come and settle in, settle down, eat, change, sheltered from bad weather… ”, explains Thierry Martinez.

For the deputy director of the Chartres Reception Center, “we did not do so badly”

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An approach that was lacking, according to the returns of the homeless, even if associations occasionally offer hot meals with table service.

For the evening, there are a few more devices (the marauding which provides food, emergency accommodation (115) including dinner, etc.).

Who is he talking to ?

“It is a question of opening a place of restoration, the midday, for the excluded people, with meals and service, which will operate every day of the week”, explain, in turn, Denis Vernadat and Thierry Martinez, respectively president. and director of this Foyer.

They are counting on fifty covers, to begin with. They will be reserved for residents of the Faculty and all other homeless people.

A marauding evening with the Chartres Red Cross

Who will cook the meals?

The solidarity kitchen workshop will serve as an integration project. It is people in great difficulty, accompanied by the Faculty towards a professional activity, who will prepare the meals. It should be noted that the Carnutes integration workshops had twenty-two full-time equivalents on fixed-term integration contracts and nine permanent workers, in 2020.

The solidarity kitchen workshop, which will function as an integration project, will be set up in the premises of the carpentry workshop which has closed.
How will the menus be composed?

The menus, as far as possible and within the means, will be composed from local products.

In Chartres, the reception center fights to welcome and confine the homeless

In the near future, farmers and the agro-food sector of the territory will be called upon to contribute their little stone and contribute to a better diet, in other words “balanced and healthy”, of people on the street.

What is the philosophy of the project?

This cooking and social catering workshop will be part of the fight against food waste. On the one hand, with suppliers trying to recover products approaching the use-by date. On the other hand, with the “apprentice” cooks who will transform certain foodstuffs in order to be able to preserve them.

Marauding, in Dreux, with those who help the homeless

Consumers of meals will also be made aware by the teams of the Fac, which has around 100 employees, including around 60 permanent staff. “It is normal to associate these people, despite their great precariousness, to the ecological cause. Our society is moving in this direction, we must not leave this audience behind. “

What is the investment?

Worth around 400,000 euros, this project, financed by the Fac, will be supported in large part by the State thanks to the Recovery Plan, and possibly other funders. He has already received aid of 20,000 euros from the EDF employment fund.

The Foyer receives fifty-five meals for the evening and ten for noon, intended for people who have signed a contract with the Faculty.

A need for disadvantaged people
While this future social restaurant will be open to all people on the street, residents of the home see in this equipment a comfort of life that they have lost for a long time.
The lunches are for Sebastião and his wife, parents of three children aged 8 and a half, 3 and a half and a fortnight, a moment not always easy to live. The family, housed at the Faculty, has to deal with limited means. “We don’t have a table, no chairs, we eat on the floor. We understand why, but the children are struggling. ”
And also does not have the choice of its menus. So it is sometimes difficult to get the little ones to swallow the food in trays that the family enjoys at midday.and reheated in the microwave in the bedroom.
The refectory space is currently closed at the Faculty due to sanitary measures.
Impossible to buy anything to cook for lack of income and personal gas stove, that of the Fac being unusable due to health measures linked to the Covid.
Little consolation, the school children eat lunch in the canteen. “There are meals prepared for them. It is also better not to stay with them outside because we have nowhere to go, ”says this father of Angolan origin, a country where cooking has the value of a family tradition.
A sharing and a conviviality that he thinks to find in the future social restaurant. “It will change life, we will have more choices, it will be more varied. And we can eat at the table … “

This family meets criteria that allow it to benefit from this solution, a limited service of the Fac. These meals are delivered by an external service provider.




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