ALL alien artifacts and where to find them

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 includes a new collectible, the Alien Artifacts. We show you what they are for and where to find them all.

Fortnite Battle Royale has started Season 7: Invasin. With her, the character arrives Kymera, which can be customized. Here we will show you how get the alien artifacts you need to be able to “buy” the Kymera parts.

Everytime that take a “boat”, you will get 4 alien artifacts. There will be new artifacts every week, so we invite you to come back here after every weekly update. Everything points to what there won’t be enough units to buy it all, so think carefully about what you buy.

Alien artifacts from Week 1

These are the 5 alien artifacts (20 units to buy Kymera items) that you can get from Week 1.

Fortnite - Alien Artifacts

Artifact # 1

Search in Hamburrrguesa, al south of Sacred Hedges. You must look in the southwest corner of the restaurant, inside the shed.

Fortnite - Alien Artifact

Artifact # 2

It is located at East Coast Believer. Go to the steps of the Guardian Tower to find the tank with the alien artifacts halfway there.

Fortnite - Alien Artifact

Artifact # 3

It is achieved in The Cataclysm, in the area of ​​the center of the Battle Island, where La Aguja used to be. Look in the middle of the “puddle” of the crankcase to find the tank.

Fortnite - Alien Artifact

Artifact # 4

This artifact is at northwest of El Huerto north of Complejo Corriente.

Fortnite - Alien Artifact

Artifact # 5

You will find it next to Spiteful Corner, southeast of Battle Island. You should go slightly to the northwest of location, is in the “tower” next to the west fence.

Fortnite - Alien Artifact

Coming soon

Come back next week for be able to get 5 more artifacts!