All eligible adult volunteers as of May 6

The Regional Health Agency announces that by May 24, all adults in Reunion Island will be able to be vaccinated if they wish.

The vaccine strategy is focused on priority audiences in order to prevent the onset of serious forms of Covid-19 in people presenting, because of their age or state of health, proven and increased risks of severe attacks or even of deceased. It also prevents saturation of the hospital system, by reducing hospitalizations for Covid-19, thus making it possible to preserve access to care for other pathologies.

The sharp increase in vaccine deliveries to Reunion in May and June makes it possible to speed up the vaccination campaign: increase in the number of vaccination lines after opening of a tenth center in La Possession, opening of centers every public holiday in May and Sundays from June, opening of vaccination in occupational health services in addition to the mobilization of city health professionals.

So that all the doses are used, a unified waiting list system will be put in place this week, allowing volunteers, and not yet eligible for eligible audiences, to make themselves known and to be called in case of availability. appointments at the end of the day. This is a first step instituted towards opening up vaccination to the general population: access to vaccination should be extended to all adults without other conditions from May 24 at the latest. 50% of the adult population should thus have benefited from at least one injection by the first days of next July.

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A vaccine strategy focused on priority audiences

In order to protect the most vulnerable people against the serious forms of Covid-19 or the risk of death linked to this disease, the vaccination strategy is based on the protection of priority audiences. In doing so, it limits the risks of hospitalization and therefore of saturation of health establishments, allowing patients with other diseases to continue to access care.

This public health strategy has retained as eligible since April 30, 2021:
– any person aged over 50 without pathology criteria
– any person aged 18 to 49 with pathologies considered to be at risk.

The target of 75,000 Reunionese having benefited from at least one injection on May 1, 2021 has been exceeded with more than 81,000 people in this situation.

Some key figures on Covid-19 in Reunion:
• 95% of people hospitalized in intensive care have at-risk pathologies
• More than 80% of the dead are over 65 years old
• A still insufficient vaccination rate among the elderly: only 40% of people aged 75 and over have received at least one injection.