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All In Padel Lyon, indoor hall by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Anthony Lopes

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Last February, the real estate developer Vinci delivered 23,250 m2 and thus created The OL Vallée leisure center. This time, with the deconfinement program announced, the partner brands are getting into battle order to finally open their doors. THE [Lyon-Entreprises] met these entrepreneurs who, thrilled to be an OL partner and host of this new living space, fine-tune the smallest details.

Johan Bergeron, Head of Development and Arnaud Taboni, Sports Director, share the challenge of the All In Padel Lyon Décines. The new indoor structure by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Anthony Lopes will offer 6 padel and 2 badminton courts, a 100m² leisure area (table tennis, table football, etc.), a bar & snack area as well as a pro specialized shop.

  • Hello Johan, can you explain All In Padel Lyon Décines to us? I am a professional Padel player and three-time defending French champion. My job at All-in Padel? Development Manager. Our goal is to promote the practice of Padel in France. This leisure center, at OL Vallée, is a very attractive center for everyone. It was important for us to participate in this project to make this practice known to the general public. Today, All In Padel Lyon Décines is the first center. We have the ambition to develop others on other sites in France.
  • But… what is Padel? We always say it’s a mix between tennis and squash. For my part, I find that it is closer to tennis because we have a net that separates the two teams. It is a sport that is played exclusively in doubles. Two against two. The rules are the same as in tennis, that is to say that the ball must bounce in the opposing camp while passing the net. Except that, as you can see, there are glass and mesh walls all around the pitch. And that’s where we get closer to squash. We can use it to send the ball.
  • What is the All In Padel promise? It is really, as you can see, to offer quality infrastructures, but not only. We also want to be up to the task with a high standard of service. When a player arrives here, he will experience ten events. In the parking lot, at the entrance to the club, during his game, after his game. These ten events have to go well. Do they need some information? We always have to be there to answer. Do they need a bottle of water? We must be able to serve them. We must provide all the answers that the customer is entitled to expect. Offer them something turnkey for a memorable user experience.
  • Arnaud, how are you going to implement this sporting experience? There will be a first part, obviously, for all these people who do not know the activity, of discovery, of explanations, of the history, of the rules of the game. A small part of initiation just to teach them to play, but without bothering them too much either. And then be able to set up behind, a whole part of free play and that they can really give their all and enjoy the activity.
  • What are the stakes of an All In Padel here, at the foot of Groupama Stadium? There are about 11,000 padel competitors in France. There are regular competitions of different levels which are organized in all its forms. Whether mixed, for women, for men and in different level categories. We are also developing tournaments for young people. With Johan Bergeron, we will take care of all age groups, all categories, including the over 45s. There will be things that will be offered to them since it is a category that is regulated at the federation level.
  • What about a B2B offer to the corporate public? So the business audience is very important. We want to make this sport known and it is a sport that is 100% compatible with the business world since it is a team sport where there is a lot of communication between the partners. It’s a sport where you are quite close on the field, so there is all this aspect, a little “rooming”. We have this conviviality that we can also have in a business group. So, for me, I really believe in this sport for business. We are going to set up an offer for half a day that they come to have fun. We organize everything around them. They come to try the Padel and have fun.
  • When can we hit the ball? We are ready to go. And as you say, in the starting blocks!
  • 3 # to sum up All In Padel Lyon Décines? I would say in 1, “Quality” in 2 “conviviality” and in 3 I would say… “service”!
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