All natural herbal tea to increase the immune system, here’s how to prepare it with 2 ingredients

The first colds arrive and to counteract seasonal ailments we can drink a herbal tea to increase the immune defenses. That’s how.

Summer is now over and from now on the climate begins to change. Cold inevitably brings i seasonal ailmentsbut we we can prevent them and strengthen the defenses. Even with one all natural herbal tea.


We know that Nature offers us a lot to stay healthy for a long time. Experts have been claiming for a long time now that proper nutrition is the first medicine.

That by strengthening the immune defenses we can better fight the most common diseasesbut also the onset of more serious pathologies. Vitamins play a fundamental role in this. Here is that to lots of fresh fruit and vegetables we can add an herbal teaso as to better prepare our body for next winter.

In fact, there will be Flu “pandemics”, just like every year. Let’s also put the Covid variants and winter seems destined to see us all sick and afraid.

Instead luckily we have many weapons at our disposal. First of all, the Covid variants are now weaker and thanks to the latest discoveries we can also treat it with anti-inflammatories. Of course after consulting our attending physician.

Even the “simple” flu, however, can cause discomfort. Headache, fever, sore throat, hoarseness and muscle-joint pain. So we can prevent it and prepare our body to fight virus attack. We have the means, it is enough to keep our organism intact and healthy. Among the many ways to do this, we also have the option of drink a herbal tea. Here she is recipe.

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All natural herbal tea to increase the immune system, here’s how to prepare it with 2 ingredients

Nature always offers us so much that we need to feel good. Just take advantage of it. Some ingredients are useful not only for cooking excellent recipes, but also for getting better health.

Among these, we find theGarlic and the Lemon. As we know, both offer many benefits, and not only in the kitchen. And by combining them we can create an herbal tea that will strengthen our immune defenses. During the change of seasons we know that we can help the body with Vitamin supplementsma we also have completely natural solutions available.

The recipe for herbal tea is really simple. Just get it 1 clove of garlic e 1 Lemon. The only caution is that these two ingredients must be BiologicalWhy they will be used in full, including the skins.

Let’s take a saucepan with water and let’s put it on the fire. When the water boils, we remove from the heat and put the garlic clove with the peel and lemon in the saucepan. Whole or cut into pieces, as you prefer. We leave everything to infuse for a couple of minutes, then filter and pour into a cup. If the flavor is too strong because of the Garlic we can sweeten it with a little Honey.

L’Allicina contained in garlic is famously anti-inflammatory, counteracts “bad” cholesterol and increases defenses. The high concentration of Vitamin C contained in lemon will accentuate the effects benefits.

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(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies or publications in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)