All New Toyota Avanza No Longer Assembled by Daihatsu

Maybe it’s no longer a secret, if some Toyota products in Indonesia are actually made by Daihatsu.

Since 1967, Daihatsu has been a partner of Toyota and further cooperation has been established between the two. Furthermore, there are several Daihatsu models being sold in the Toyota emblem. One of them is Daihatsu products in North America.

In 1999, Toyota also bought Daihatsu shares and controlled 51% of Daihatsu’s shares. From here, the strategic cooperation between the two companies became even stronger, including later in Indonesia which produced the Avanza-Xenia product in 2004.

Until 2016, Three Ovals announced that they had bought 100% of Daihatsu and made it a full subsidiary of Toyota.

This change certainly has an impact in Indonesia. Where then appeared Toyota-Daihatsu collaboration products such as Ayla-Agya, Calya-Sigra, Raize-Rocky and of course Avanza-Xenia which were completely made at Daihatsu facilities in Indonesia.

However, there seems to be something different for the All New Avanza which is expected to be launched soon this November. This legendary LMPV is reportedly no longer made at Daihatsu’s facilities, but will be made at Toyota’s assembly facilities.

“Not all of them, it seems that later what Toyota will make is the Avanza or the highest type of Veloz. While the lower type remains at Daihatsu, “explained an OtoDriver source, Wednesday (27/10).

“In addition to domestic needs, Toyota will make the All New Avanza for export needs,” he concluded.