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All rumors and spoilers about phase 4 of the MCU

Disney owns everything. At least it's starting to feel right now. With the recent major acquisition of Fox, Mouse House has assembled an impressive collection of the biggest franchise names in pop culture and has finally gained the rights to the Marvel heroes most missing in the MCU: Mutants.

But now that Disney and Marvel Studios have the film rights for the X-Men, will the Avengers meet the students of Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted? Will Professor Hulk find a kindred spirit in Beast? More importantly, do we see how Spider-Man and Deadpool share the screen? Nope. Not for long anyway.

Wardell suppressed any hope of truth by saying that Deadpool would meet Spidey in a tweet and said, "There are no plans to include Deadpool in an MCU Spider-Man 3But Sony desperately wants Tom Hardy's Venom in this movie. Deadpool had his own films, but they never appeared in the main films of X-Men. That will be the same for the MCU. "

Venom and Spider-Man go way back. Before the Symbiote nestled against Eddie Brock, she hosted Peter Parker. But in the universe of Tom Hollands Peter Parker there is no poison. The one produced by Sony poison and the Marvel-made Spider Man Movies are two separate worlds. But hey, Spider-Man: Far away from home It has not officially introduced the idea of ​​alternative universes and their ability to mix, so meeting Venom and Spider-Man is not Completed off the table.


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