“All that for this!” (video)

In “Affaire Conclue”, we find everything and anything. The objects offered are varied and can surprise … in the right and in the wrong way. The one proposed by Julien this Wednesday had the merit of intriguing the host of the show, Sophie Davant.

The seller came to offer a Russian photo enlarger, dating from the Soviet era, which can be modified. An object that catches the eye and draws attention. But when the estimate of 50 euros falls, Sophie Davant can not help but make fun of Julien. “Ah well it’s huge! All that for this ! ” Fortunately, the seller was not there for the money but more for fun.

Despite this, the host added a layer, saying that he could have drawn more money. “Maybe even you alone will have sold it for a lot more money, but thanks anyway for your visit, and take the pass!” », She says, laughing.

Not upset for a penny, Julien will finally go to the auction room where he will manage to get 100 euros for his photo enlarger.


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