all the experts want the bubble of the five to be enlarged… except Marc Van Ranst!

The meeting this Thursday comes about ten days before the start of the school year. It will also be held when, for the first time since the beginning of July, the number of new coronavirus contaminations is showing a slight decrease, according to the latest data released by the public health institute Sciensano: between August 7 and August 13 , there were on average 574 new infections per day, a decrease of 5% compared to the previous week.

In addition to the start of the school year, we suspect that the CNS will work on the cultural sector. This Monday, Celeval met, at the request of the Prime Minister’s office, to give him advice on the event and cultural sectors as well as the bubbles.

In addition, we asked five experts what, according to them, were the new measures to be taken in order to best approach the start of the September school year. Or are there measures that need to be removed? Everyone, except Marc Van Ranst, is of the opinion that the bubble of the five must be stopped. “The social bubble must be decompartmentalised by promoting barrier gestures”, explains Yves Coppieters, professor of public health at UBL, for example.

►► Marc Van Ranst, Nathan Clumeckn, Jean-Luc Gala, Frédérique Jacobs and Yves Coppieters give their opinion

►► Here is what they recommend


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