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All the free food you can get today just for voting

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We definitely do not believe that you need incentives – other than you know, your ficking future – vote. But it is to be appreciated. And this year you will feel very much appreciated. Local businesses and national chains are eager to offer you some serious election day packages.

Interesting fact, it's actually illegal to give someone something if they vote. The Federal Elections Commission has a general ban on rewards for voting. Wild right? It may be that some deals tend to be discounts rather than giving you food for free, but other places have not got the memo and their secret is safe with us!

We have collected the best offers for you so that you can drive a little more kilometers with the sticker "I Voted". We also looked at some really great local offerings (and these are not easy to find), but we strongly recommend that you engage with your favorite places. The offers are far-reaching. Pretty much everyone on earth wants you to vote today.

Review this area throughout the day as we update this list each time we hear about a great new deal. NOW THERE OUT.

State and national offers

7-Eleven – Redeem a free coffee using the mobile app. Perfect fuel, if you have to read about the props of your city lately.

Amy's ice cream – Free little ice cream with your "I Voted" sticker. It sure is autumn, but ice cream is always the perfect treat in Austin.

Baked by Melissa – With your sticker "I Voted" you get a free cupcake. Use promo code IVOTED2018 to get 10% off online orders on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Birch Coffee – Get a free coffee on November 6th with your "I Voted" sticker.



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