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All the meat on the spit

The bosses are again acting as spies in La Sexta, which tonight at 2230 hours opens a new season of 'The infiltrated boss'. In the first installment, Mari Carmen Ramírez, founding partner of Abrasador, a leading company in the meat industry, it becomes a completely different person to check if its workers respect the rules demanded by the brand.

The format, which last season had an average of 1.3 million viewers and an 8.2% screen share, debuted in this with a company based on a comprehensive business model that goes from the field to the table, and with a number of clients that exceeds one million each year. There, the boss infiltrates tonight as Sara Melo, a young vegan who participates in the fake contest 'Touch to suffer' to try to overcome her aversion to the flesh. If he did, he would get a scholarship to fulfill his dream and become an influencer.

«The boss has to play a character that is not the usual, which gives you a point of difficulty. The rest of the people are selected according to the areas where the boss tells us that they have more incidents or conflicts, and that they want to investigate and resolve, "says Edi Walter, CEO of Boxfish, the program's producer.

For this reason, Mari Carmen is inserted in the farm where the calves and the Iberian pigs are bred, in the cutting room and in the kitchen of one of their restaurants, where you find an employee who does not follow the rules in the care of livestock and that puts her in situations of danger, a worker who is somewhat clueless and lacks a method of work, and a cook who does things her own way.

«The worker can count many more things than he would normally dare»

"Doing this kind of 'casting' is not easy, because you have to count on many hours of the bosses, of the workers, of the people who participate … but once we enter, companies really open their doors wide and show us how they are without any complex. Nobody has told us that you can not show something, "explains the Argentine producer, also responsible for other formats such as' Caiga Quien Caiga ',' Splash! Famous to the water ',' Nightmare in the kitchen ',' First Dates', 'Who wants to marry my son?' or 'Lost in the tribe'. And it guarantees that "the bosses will continue discovering things that they did not imagine were happening in their companies, at the same time they understand others that they could not have seen otherwise". This happens because "the boss manages to cross the barrier of the workplace and the worker can count many more things than would normally dare."

Infiltrate a famous

Walter says he does not feel more proud of a title than of others, since it would be like choosing if he prefers "to dad or mom", because of the "effort that each one has behind him, regardless of audience data". And also that his head is constantly pondering how to give life to a new format. «It may sound like a phrase, but it is true that all the time you are thinking and watching things to take to the TV, although many times they do not take you anywhere»He confesses.

It also advances that, for the first time in the format, they are going to infiltrate a celebrity in their own company. "It has the double challenge of not only not recognizing employees, but that no one does by the fact of being known."



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