All the new Shinys for Fashion Week and where to find them

Fashion Week has started in Pokémon GO today, September 27, 2022. This brings you one or the other new Shiny. We at MeinMMO will show you which monsters are involved and where you can find them.

Which event is it about? Pokémon GO is currently holding its annual Fashion Week. Of course, the little pocket monsters want to shine especially brightly for this occasion, which is why some of them dressed up especially for this event.

So you can meet numerous costumed monsters in Pokémon GO during the event period and there will also be one or the other new Shiny. We have summarized what they are and where you can find them below.

When is fashion week? The fashion event runs from September 27, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. local time to October 03, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. local time.

1. Yveltal

Yveltal normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

What is this monster? Yveltal is a legendary non-light and flying Pokémon from the 6th generation of games. It has no advance or further development. With a moveset of lecture and dark aura as well as a high attack value, it can convince as one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

As part of Fashion Week, Yveltal will also be available in the game in its dazzling form for the first time. You can recognize it by its white-grey wings.

Where to find it You can currently find Yveltal in the level 5 raids and, with a bit of luck, encounter a dazzling specimen afterwards. And you can also get it from level 20 in the rewards of the GO Battle League.

Here you will find the best counters against Yveltal.

2. Coiffwaff

Coifffwaff normal (left) and as shiny (right)

What is this monster? The normal Pokémon Coiffwaff comes from the 6th game generation. The monster loves to change its look and therefore, in addition to its normal variant, it also has 9 other different forms that differ based on its haircut.

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The Pokémon does not have any advance or further development and it is not particularly strong either. Due to its different forms, it is ideally suited for collectors. It also celebrates its shiny debut at the fashion event.

This differs from its normal variant by a dark coat and a light face. Of course, all of its forms will also be available as Shiny. The image below shows what the different shapes look like:

Pokemon GO Coiffwaff Shiny Compare All Forms
Coiffwaff in its different forms (normal and shiny)

Where to find it Coiffwaff can be found almost everywhere in the game in the coming days. So keep an eye out for him in the wild and in level 1 raids. It is also part of the field research tasks for Fashion Week. There it hides behind the snapshot tasks.

You can find out how to change the shape of Coiffwaff in the following article:

Pokémon GO: Coiffwaff change form – this is how you save all 9 forms

3. Absol with a stylish look

Absol normal (left) and as shiny (right)

What is this monster? Absol is a 3rd generation Dark Pokémon, which has no advancements or advancements. The monster has basically been in the game as a shiny for some time. For fashion week, however, it made itself particularly pretty for you with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

So you can find it in this costume for the first time and with a bit of luck you can even catch it as Shiny. This makes it a bit rarer compared to its normal form, because you never know when it’ll come into play next. You can recognize the shiny by its white and orange body.

Where to find it Just like Coiffwaff and Yveltal, Absol will also be found in the raids in the coming days. In addition, it also occasionally spawns in the wild. You also have another chance at a dazzling Absol in the rewards of the limited research.

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4. Digda im stylischem Look

Digda and Digdri normal (left) and as shiny (right)

What is this monster? The ground Pokémon Digda comes from the first generation of games and will be found wearing a hat for the first time during Fashion Week. This version can even be evolved into a Digdri with a hat.

Just like Absol, Digda has been in the game as Shiny for some time. With the costume you can now secure a special version of it, which experience has shown will not be that common. Watch out for Digda’s nose when catching it, because this is blue on the Shiny.

Where to find it Digda can be found in level 1 raids throughout the event, and with a bit of luck in the wild. In addition, it hatches from the 7 km eggs that you can secure from your friends’ gifts for Fashion Week.

If you want to use another opportunity for a Shiny, you should also solve the tasks of the limited research. In order to also secure a costumed Shiny-Digdri, you must develop Shiny-Digda with a hat. Digdri will not be available to catch in game at the moment.

5. Toxiquak with a stylish look

Glibuncle and Toxiquak normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

What is this monster? Toxiquak is a Poisonous and Fighting-type Pokémon from the 4th generation of games. It can be evolved from Glibuncle. After there was already a costumed Glibuncle with a cap in the game in the past, which could also be caught as a Shiny, Toxiquak is finally celebrating his costume debut.

You can now further develop the costumed Shiny Glibuncle accordingly. You can recognize this by its turquoise body.

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Where to find it Toxiquak itself will not be found in the wild or in raids during the event. In order to secure the costumed monster as Shiny, you must first catch a costumed Shiny Glibuncle.

This spawns in the wild in the coming days, in level 1 raids, hatches from eggs and can also be found in the rewards of limited research and event quests.

More rare Shinys for Fashion Week

But the new Shinys aren’t the only dazzling monsters you can get during Fashion Week in Pokémon GO. You can also get hold of other costumed Pokémon in the wild, in raids and from eggs, which have already been available for events of this type in previous years and whose dazzling form is therefore somewhat rarer.

Keep an eye out for the following monsters in the coming days:

  • Butterfly with bow: In the wild & in level 3 raids
  • Elezeba with collar: In the wild & in field research
  • Kirlia with hat: In the wild & in level 3 raids
  • Sheinux with hat: In Level-1-Raids & in 7-km-Eiern
  • Kissilla with bow: In 7 km eggs

How do you like the new Shinys in Pokémon GO? Which one will you secure? And which costume would you look forward to next time? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

Soon there will be the next ultra beast in the raids. Pokémon GO now gives information about the release of Schlingking in a video. We’ll show you.