All the secrets of aromatic herbs

Le herbs they are a unique touch in the kitchen, to give our dishes an exceptional flavor. But perhaps not everyone knows that they are not only excellent in the kitchen: they are a real panacea for our health. Many i benefits for the prevention of numerous diseases such as metabolic, cardiovascular, osteoarticular, neurodegenerative, tumor diseases. Provided we use aromatic herbs whose origin is known: maybe we can grow them in the garden or on the balcony of the house.

On the occasion of a meeting that took place at the end of April, which is part of the cycle of appointments of “I Giovedì dell’Archiginnasio. The Odyssey of food from field to table ”, experts spoke about aromatic herbs and spices, a type of cultivation considered resilient, to be proposed also to young farmers for a job that is increasingly appreciated. We are witnessing an incredible return to nature by many young people who become farmers or breeders, in full respect of nature.

Herbs could be a great area to invest in. Because they are often used in the kitchen and today all their benefits are also known.

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The benefits of herbs for health

On the occasion of this meeting, it was the who talked about the numerous health benefits of aromatic herbs Doctor Luciana PreteDirector of the UOC Food Hygiene and Nutrition Company of the USL of Bologna:

The daily consumption of aromatic herbs and spices, in the context of the Mediterranean diet, offers the best conditions for an antioxidant activity and to reduce the chronic inflammation that is the basis of many diseases of the elderly. These substances are irreplaceable and to be consumed every day for the prevention of metabolic, cardiovascular, osteoarticular, neurodegenerative, tumor diseases and for the treatment of intestinal and dermatological diseases, but it is always safer to consume them with food than in medicines.

The doctor recalls the probiotic potential of black pepper, chilli, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, oregano and rosemary. And then she also remembers that they can be used as food or supplements due to the now known healing properties, even if they are not without side effects:

Their active ingredients can cause side effects, cause allergic reactions, exhibit anticoagulant activity or cause interactions with other medicines; therefore they should always be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

probiotic potential of black pepper, chilli
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The doctor, however, also underlines how essential it is to know its origin. There are spices and aromatic herbs that come from countries where hygienic conditions are very precarious and could have a very high bacterial load. The greatest risks in this regard are contamination by aflatoxins, pesticides and heavy metals.