All the stars that have been ‘erased’ from Gerard Piqué’s Davis Cup

Countdown to the finals of the Davis Cup 2021, which this time will be held in three venues: Madrid, Turin and Insbruck. The members of the 18 participating countries in the competition that will be held between November 25 and December 5. For one reason or another, the tournament will have designated absences such as that of Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer or Alexander Zverev.

One of the great absences of the next Davis Cup will be that of Rafa Nadal. The Spanish tennis player has been left out of the list by being out of the circuit since last September, when he announced that he would undergo a new treatment on his foot, which has prevented him from playing the final leg of the season. Nadal, who still does not have a return date, has always come when the physical has allowed him to Davis Cup, being one of the great responsible for the success of Spain in the last edition.

Nor will he be in the list of tennis players participating in the Davis Cup one of the great rackets of the circuit: Stefanos Tsitsipas. In this case, because his country, Greece, is not among the 18 participating teams. The same happens with Roger Federer, who apart from being injured, could not be called up as Switzerland was not among the participating countries. Dominic Thiem Davis Cup will also be missed, in this case due to injury.

Another of the great absences will be that of Diego Schwartzman and the Argentina team, a country that lives the competition with great passion but has not managed to qualify for the Davis Cup finals. Also due to the non-classification of their respective countries, tennis players of the stature of Grigor Dimitrov, Casper Ruud or Hubert Hurkacz They will not be at the appointment at the end of November.

The most notorious casualty is that of Alexander Zverev, whose absence responds to a question of principle. German does not agree with the new format of the Davis Cup. It already showed its rejection in 2019, the year in which the new competition created by Gerard Piqué. Two years later, the tennis player remains firm in his refusal to play a tournament with which he does not feel identified.

“You have to change the format”

Alexander Zverev has been very clear about his position in relation to the new Davis Cup and the reasons why you will not be on the team Germany. «You have to change the format as it is. I am someone who keeps his word. I did not play it two years ago and now neither, “said the German tennis player recently.

«I want to win the Davis Cup, but the one I have ever won. And that, because now I have many options to fulfill any objective that I propose. With a lot of work and effort you can make everything you dream come true. I am at a point in my career in which I am happy. You can’t win something bigger than a gold medal at the Olympics, “he added.