all the tests of the Castres-Montpellier final in video

VIDEO – Discover all the tests flattened Friday at the Stade de France between Castrais and Montpellier.

The MHR did not take long to strike the first blow in this Top 14 final. The Montpellier residents indeed flattened the first try of the match in the 6th minute. The ghost Arthur Vincent scored in a corner on an offering signed Zach Mercer (0-5, 6th).

After Vincent, Florian Verhaeghe’s turn to visit the Castres in-goal, in force this time. Unlike the first missed opportunity, Benoit Paillaugue transformed for the MHR (0-12, 9th).

The demonstration continued a few minutes later, with the third try of the Héraultais, work of Anthony Bouthier, at the conclusion of a superb collective work and after a redoubled of Arthur Vincent (0-17, 12th). Perfect start to the MHR match.