All things WFA for ASN, Starting from Salary to Position

JAKARTA, – Discourse regarding state civil apparatus (ASN) or civil servants working from anywhere (work from anywhere/WFA) pops up. The government is currently reviewing the discourse carefully.

There are various reasons why WFA is applied to ASN. One of them is to improve the performance and satisfaction of ASN at work, while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the government bureaucracy.

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The Head of the Legal, Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau of the State Civil Service Agency, Satya Pratama, said that WFA can be chosen by ASN as long as the targets and performance are achieved.

“So the discourse on ASN can be work from anywherethe important thing is that performance and targets are achieved,” said Satya to, yesterday.

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1. Not all ASN can WFA

However, not all ASN/PNS are allowed by WFA. There are certain positions that do not allow working from anywhere, especially positions that are in direct contact with the public.

Several ASNs who cannot WFA are medical personnel, firefighters, Satpol PP, Bakamla patrol boat crews and KKP fisheries supervisors, Traffic Warden, Forest Police, and Kumham correctional officers.

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Meanwhile, employees with other positions including the administrative division can be allowed to work from anywhere.

“For ASN whose duties and functions are in work units that are in direct contact with the public and who require physical presence, they are still WFO (working in the office),” said Satya.

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2. Will be monitored

Satya said that his party continues to monitor the performance of ASN who work from anywhere. For attendance, ASN will be monitored through the Location Based Presence application which has been developed by various K/L and agencies during the pandemic.

As for performance, BKN will refer to the Ministerial Regulation (Permen) PAN-RB Number 8 of 2022 concerning the PNS Performance Management System.

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The regulation states that the PNS Performance Management system consists of performance planning; performance implementation, performance monitoring and performance coaching; performance appraisal, follow-up, and civil servant performance information system.

Later, the PNS will be monitored by the Performance Appraisal Officer to observe the progress of achieving the performance targets contained in the SKP. The results of the performance appraisal are used as the basis for sanctions for civil servants.

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The sanction is given based on the consideration of the PNS Performance Assessment Team in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. However, Satya said, this discourse is still being studied more deeply.

“(WFA will be studied) based on WFO-WFH practices during the pandemic for ASN which have been proven to work well and successfully,” said Satya.