“All those on my post that I dominated got their check”

During the off-season Marcus Smart decided to extend to the Boston Celtics for 4 years and $ 77 million. However, he hesitated for a long time to refuse this extension, because he wanted a better contract. He even had an amount in mind:

“At least $ 90 million. »Marcus Smart

After talking to his family, he has finally decided to play it safe, and hopes to be able to sign a big contract in a few years when he comes to the end of his extension, in 2026.

“I told myself that I had to get paid. That I also had to have my check. Everyone on my job that I dominated got their check. Like, I know I do a lot more than these guys. I am also in a better team. So I was wondering what was going on. In fact, I was ready to become a free agent and test the market. But I’ve talked to my loved ones, to my family, and I’ve weighed the pros and cons, that sort of thing: what are you willing to sacrifice? What do you want to win? So it was a business decision. Especially with what’s going on with COVID and everything, nothing is certain, nothing is guaranteed. So I wanted to make sure I gave myself a chance to have another big check by taking this one. So it was a business decision for me. »Marcus Smart

Via The Athletic

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