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All together to support the Rabta hospital

by archyw

As part of its civic and social actions, the Rotary Club Carthage Horizon continues to provide assistance and support to various hospitals during this period of health crisis.

In this context, Mrs. Leila Marsaoui Ep Hammar the president of the club announced that This year and in view of the epidemiological situation, the Rotary Club Carthage Horizon has decided to continue its momentum by sparing no small effort vis-Ć -vis our heroines and heroes in white coats.

A digital campaign has been launched to collect donations, aids and contributions which will be donated to the Rabta hospital to help the medical staff acquire more equipment that will allow them to cope with the virus but also and above all to help our brothers and sisters. sisters suffering from the disease.

A number has been specially dedicated for the 58325325 campaign and the RIB for financial donations 07113016010550217601.

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, several actions have been taken by the club. Donations, material aid and financial aid were provided to the most disadvantaged but also to hospitals and other health establishments which had suffered from a lack of means and logistics.

We are currently going through an unprecedented health crisis with the new wave of coronavirus. The country already has more than 16,000 dead and has the highest death rate on the African continent. The daily average of deaths due to the coronavirus is 150 people, which is to say the catastrophic situation to which we have arrived.

Hospital directors continue to sound the alarm bells about the dangerous spread of the virus, but especially against the lack of resources from which hospitals are suffering.

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But despite these worrying figures we must not give up, we must continue to fight to stem the spread of the virus by establishing and implementing barrier gestures that we as citizens will have to establish for ourselves – even.

We must also show solidarity with the weakest, people with the virus, the elderly, people in need who unfortunately do not have the physical strength or the financial foundation to be able to face this epidemic.

Our hospitals, despite the hundreds and thousands of heroines and heroes who compose them, have reached a very delicate point, that of insufficiency. A material and logistical but also human insufficiency and it is our role and duty to provide them with everything they need to face this crisis.

The Rotary Club Carthage Horizon, which is not its first such action, continues to support the health system!

Recall that during the holy month of Ramadan in 2020, every afternoon, groups of young people in solidarity with the club prepared dishes and participated in the preparation of meals which were subsequently distributed to people in need and who did not have enough to break the young.

Find the action spot link HERE

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