All Unseen Creatures Submit, Here Are The 3 Most Powerful Wetons And Protected By Mystical Powers, Don’t Look For Things With Them

Sonora.ID – Indonesia still has a thick culture related to mystical things from each region.

One of the mystical things that can be found in Indonesia is a person who is magical and is feared by supernatural beings.

Apparently, this ability is influenced by the weton they have based on the narrative of Javanese Primbon.

Departing from the Javanese Primbon prophecy, there are 3 most powerful wetons and protected by mystical powers, so that all supernatural beings submit.

What are the 3 most powerful and protected weton mystical powers? Here is the full review.

1. Jumat Wage

With 10 neputs from Friday 6 and Wage 4, Friday Wage is the most powerful weton and is protected by the first mystical power.

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Since birth, the owners of the Friday Wage weton have been protected by Lintang Magelut, so they have good noble character.

This makes Weton feared by supernatural beings because of his very high spiritual knowledge.