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No more tickets to the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. And no more visitors. To access the museum, a card will be used which will make those who enter a member. This was announced by director James Bradburne.

The transformation

Starting from Tuesday 15 September instead of the usual ticket there will be a kind of subscription – free until 31 December – which will allow you to visit the galleries but also to have access to the digital contents of Brera Plus. recently passed away Philippe Daverio who had repeatedly spoken of a need to introduce slower and more contemplative ways of using museums.

The goal of this change? As the director of the museum explained, it is a “transformation of the concept of the museum and an opportunity to bring it closer to its community. Visitors have no voice, but members do. Freedom is participation”.

From January, when the pass is no longer free, you will enter at the same price as the old ticket, Bradburne guaranteed. The novelty lies in the fact that instead of entering only once, you can do it as many as you want and you can also view the online contents, including events and initiatives.

“Mass tourism – explained the director – is no longer sustainable and reliable, as we had already seen with the Guggenheim in New York after 11 September”. The idea is therefore to focus on visitors who are involved and committed to the life of the museum who, due to the coronavirus emergency, as reported by Bradburne, have lost about 3 million euros on the budget.

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“We are not the only museum in this situation – explained the director – and it is not clear how the government will manage all this, we are sailing under the stars of uncertainty. It is the impact of the terrible year we have experienced”.


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