All you need to know about the transmission of the Coronavirus through aerosols

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Scientists are still trying to understand the Corona virus and its transmission methods, and researchers have found that the virus is highly contagious and spreads through the air drops of an infected person while coughing, sneezing or speaking, it can remain even on some surfaces for a few days. In this report we learn about what scientists have found until Now that corona virus is transmitted in the air, according to the Times of India website, some reports have suggested that the corona virus may be transmitted in the air, which means that the virus can spread through suspended particles in the air..

What is the aerosol?

Aerosols are small respiratory droplets that remain suspended in the air and are relatively smaller than large drops that fall to the ground when someone sneezes or coughs.

Airborne droplets were the cause of other severe respiratory problems such as SARS MERSMears.

Transmission of the virus from one person to another through the air after inhaling infectious particles such as: viruses is known as the transmission of aerosols.

Humans can inhale 100-micron particles and volatile particles smaller.

Pathogens present in the air can travel for a long time as well as a short distance from the source depending on their shape and size, all of these factors increase the risk of coronavirus transmission through the air.

Some studies indicate that the corona virus can be present in aerosol particles especially in health care centers, however, there is no data available on the prevalence of the virus in the air, the amount of virus that one needs to be exposed to and the prevalence of the transmission of aerosols compared to other means To move.

Numerous evidence proves that a virus hanging in small drops can cause infection, according to a study published in a journal New England Journal of Medicine , The coronavirus can remain in the aerosol for at least three hours.

Factors that affect the risk of spreading the Corona virus in the air

Based on the evidence, it is undeniable that the SK virus can be spread by aerosols, but there are some factors that influence the risk of transmission..

The degree of infection is low compared to other means of transmission. A person with coronavirus can infect about 2 to 3 other people.

Some people can affect more than 10 people.

The risk of transmission is higher in enclosed places compared to open places, the poorly ventilated room can be risky.

Wearing a mask may protect the healthy individual, but it largely depends on the type of mask you use and how it is used.

Initial infection status by contacting the infected person directly or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Portable air portability remains low, so, to protect yourself, wash your hands every now and take care of social spacing.



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