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Home News Alleged bigamist, formerly from Maine, who pleads guilty in New Hampshire

Alleged bigamist, formerly from Maine, who pleads guilty in New Hampshire

A former Maine man is expected to be convicted of domestic violence in the past and sentenced on Friday in New Hampshire for unusual charges of bigamy.

Forty-two-year-old Michael Middleton, most recently Old Orchard Beach, is between 3 and 1/2 to 7 years in prison for class B assault, according to Strafford County Deputy Attorney David Rotman.

The court documents indicate that Middleton was married to at least two other women – Katherine Lashley in Georgia in 2006 and Kassandra Shipley in Alabama – when he married Alicia Grant in 2013 in Dover, New Hampshire.

Middleton later married another woman, Ashley Climer, in Kentucky in 2016, without divorcing his former wives.

He was indicted in January by a grand jury in New Hampshire on charges of bigamy, but did not appear because of his indictment. He was arrested in Ohio a month later, after the police received an anonymous tip and extradited him to New Hampshire.

Middleton also faced pending charges in Maine, where he occasionally lived with Grant. In November 2013, he was charged with assault in South Berwick, resulting in his grant seeking protection against abuse. South Berwick police officer Dennis Gaffney said in his report that Middleton was "deeply intoxicated and not cooperative at all" during the arrest.

Middleton later violated the protection against abuse by contacting her. At the time of his arrest in 2013, he had received outstanding arrest warrants from Presque Isle and Bangor for unpaid fines totaling $ 1,260. He was also charged with domestic violence in Bangor in 2006, according to a criminal investigation by the State Bureau of Identification. At that time, his address was Hope House, a homeless shelter.

In addition, Middleton had out-of-court arrest warrants in 2013, which according to court documents operated under the influence of Indiana and theft in Florida – although the court records do not specify when they entered.

Middleton has never paid the allegations of 2013 and apparently fled Maine.

After his first appearance in New Hampshire in February, he was returned to Maine to settle the old charges. He spent three weeks in York County Jail and was released on April 8. He was on bail in New Hampshire, but under house arrest and GPS surveillance.

The prosecutors in New Hampshire have alleged that Middleton not only married several women, but also used this marriage to gain access to property. Grant told prosecutors he had lost $ 20,000 in assets. She was also the one who found out that Middleton had other women according to the prosecution. Before disappearing, she noticed a frequently dialed number on his phone. When she dialed him, a woman answered and identified herself as Middleton & # 39; s wife. This woman, unidentified in documents, had also become suspicious and had assigned a private investigator to learn more about Middleton.

New Hampshire prosecutor Rotman said Middleton could face charges of bigamy in other states. However, he did not know whether further charges were pending.

Attempts to reach Middleton in New Hampshire and his wives in Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky were unsuccessful.

Middleton lawyer in New Hampshire, public defender Carl Swenson, has not submitted a request for comment.


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