alleged ghost tried to touch a baby while she was sleeping

In Tiktok a video went viral where an alleged ghost tried to touch a baby while she was sleeping in her crib, in England.

The incident was recorded on a night vision security camera. that the little girl’s parents had installed in her room.

According to the video on the aforementioned social network, a man named Stuart Mokler and the little girl’s father was the one who captured the precise moment when a hand tried to touch the Wren girl, while she was resting deeply at night.

In the images shadows can be seen climbing the walls and what appear to be fingers found under the mattress.

After the surprising images, supposedly paranormal, some TikTok users made some recommendations to the parent couple.

“My grandmother said that you had to put open scissors under the pillow and holy remedy”, “Now I understand why I dreamed of hands that wanted to grab my newborn baby”, “My grandmothers used to say that because he is a little angel, the witches look for his soul”, “It is crib death. My baby son slept alone, I dreamed that a hand came out of bed and suffocated him. I did not leave him alone anymore”, “A prayer where he breaks all spiritual evil”, indicated some of TikTok users.

Through social networks, at the end of August, a mysterious image also went viral in which it could be seen the supposed ghost of a girl who gets on the trucks in the department of Tolima.

In the photograph it was possible to observe a girl from behind with a long dress and black hair, while riding in the back of a truck late at night. The story was shared by a Twitter user identified as Raúl Andrés Herrera. However, the Laboyanos portal assured that the story is original to Camila Andrea Ruiz.

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“Good evening, I am an ordinary person, who had never believed in beings or spirits; but one night, in the department of Tolima, on the way to a village, my family and friends were in the car. This truck came out of a trail, attached to the road, ”were the words with which the Twitter thread began.

Then, he related how they found the supposed ghost of the girl, who for a strange reason gets on the back of the trucks that go on the road.

In addition, he clarified that he never said that it was a ghost girl, but that he It seemed very irresponsible for a truck to carry a girl hanging, and even more so at that time of night.

“We noticed that a girl was in the back, we never thought it was a ghost, before we got angry and decided to photograph, since it was inhumane for the man in the car to take a girl at that time, because it was dangerous and it was 11 o’clock. the night,” he added.

As the Twitter user commented, they came to think that it was irresponsibility on the part of the truck driver, believing that he was transporting the girl in that way, but they were greatly surprised when they reached a more illuminated area.

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“That man was irresponsible and we went on and on discussing this inhumane and dangerous fact, as you can see in that sector the road is dark, since in that sector they call it ‘las manas’, well, I don’t go too far, the case was that when we passed the part”, he indicated.

After this, they stopped the heavy-duty vehicle to tell him what they had seen.

“We are cold and perplexed. We beeped the man and he stopped. We told him what happened and the man very calmly said that he did not have a girl behind him, and that he had been previously warned about that fact, ”he commented.

Likewise, he assured that “the people of the village say that she gets on the means of transport, that the people on the motorcycles feel when someone sits on the back of the motorcycle. The truth is sad, she is a little girl who has not yet found peace”.