Alleged mistress Jeroen Rietbergen blows out of school

Long before the drama of The Voice of Holland, Jeroen Rietbergen was discredited because he allegedly cheated on Linda de Mol. After all these years, his alleged mistress breaks the silence. Linda was crying.

It was the twenty years younger Renée Gunning with whom Jeroen Rietbergen would have put the flowers outside. At the time, Linda sat unsuspectingly at home while her husband allegedly went wild at parties with the pretty blonde.

‘It’s true that Linda had to cry’

Soon Renée said it was stupid of her to tell a journalist that something had happened between her and Jeroen. They would have been to a concert alone and there was no physical contact, she said at the time.

She was, however, invited to Jeroen and Linda’s home for an interview. After all these years, Renée tells for the first time what happened then. “It’s true that she had to cry then,” Renée tells Story. ,,But not because Jeroen and I would have had an affair, there never was, but because of all the trouble that had arisen in the publicity. The reason we had that conversation in the first place was to determine how we would react outwardly.”

But not long after, Linda published a column about Renée in her magazine. ,,Then I thought for a moment: huh? After that I never heard from that side again.”

The Voice

Renée is, however, shocked by the news that Jeroen is one of the protagonists in the scandal surrounding The Voice. “I am very sad to see what has happened and is still happening. That’s why I haven’t responded to anything until now,” said Renée, who still can’t believe it all. “As I know him from the hockey field and from Laren, I can’t imagine at all that he is called ‘assassinator’, for example.”