Alleged son of Julio Iglesias: "I suffered Bullying for being 'famous'"

Alleged son of Julio Iglesias: "I suffered Bullying for being 'famous'"

Javier Sánchez Santos, the alleged unrecognized son of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias with whom he has litigated, revealed in an interview that due to the absence of his father, he grew up in the troubled maritime district of Valencia and was the object of mockery and harassment in the Instituto de la Malvarrosa due to the strange reputation that the first paternity suit presented by his mother in the nineties gave him. Sánchez (42) compares what happened to a movie. "At that time the neighborhood … Do you remember the movie The Warriors? Well it was similar, "he says after referring to the film that tells the violent adventure of a group of gang members in New York. He says that in his neighborhood young people smoked drugs in broad daylight and that assaults were common. "They robbed me many times." The boys were grouped into gangs and most of them had pocket knives in their pockets, "pelas were frequent." More than war with children from other neighborhoods, there was war between those who went to recreational and those who went to others, I never got involved trying to pass as unnoticed as possible, "he says.
According to Sánchez, his childhood was happy and he spent close to the beach until in 1991 his mother, the Portuguese dancer María Edite Santos, filed the first paternity suit. "Stalkers often go against those who are different. And I was because my face was on television. I would not say it was the worst time of my life, because when you are a teenager you still do not have many responsibilities, but it was hard. It's not nice to be famous and poor. Mine, at least then, has been an uncomfortable fame. " Sánchez maintains the lawsuit against Julio Iglesias, who has refused to recognize the DNA test that confirms 99% being his biological father. "I have already said that I am willing to forgive, I would love to know it and that everything is more discreet, but for a person like me it is difficult, because you know that you are fighting against someone who has a lot of power and refuses to accept reality. It makes it pretty hard for me. "

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