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Allegedly, proudly Boys protests show after Gavin McInne's event at the Manhattan GOP Club

A mob of pro-Trump right-wing extremists seems to have beaten a small group of demonstrators in the streets of Manhattan on Friday night after Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes appeared at the Metropolitan Republican Club.

Several disturbing videos taken on-site seem to show dozens of proud boys swarming two people on the floor screaming, "You're dead, bastard" and "fagot" when they take turns attacking. According to the police, three people were arrested after the incident, even though a lawyer told the Legal Aid Society She confirmed that the arrests were by anti-racist demonstrators. A NYPD spokesman told Gothamist that they have "no reference to proud boys" in any police reports. [Warning: Graphic footage below]

A longer video by Proud Boys member Christopher Wright (posted directly in the tweet above) was removed from Facebook this morning. It showed that members of the group repeatedly shouted "I LIKE BEER" as they proceeded after the attack. (This sentence refers to the recent Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who has repeatedly stated his preference for beer during a Senate hearing over his alleged attempt to rape Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in high school.)

At 4:30 am from Wright's video, a Proud Boy was shouting, "I had one of their heads and I just hit it on the sidewalk! I tore off that motherfucker's mask and kicked him in the head! Son of a bitch, he's a damned foreigner! "

A high five is exchanged.

After the attack, members of the Proud Boys posed for a group photo, according to photographer Shay Horse, who was at the scene. "I have not seen such a fierce fight in a long time," he said twittered, "The proud boys were totally ready and willing to be violent tonight, they did not even wear masks."

The self-identified "West Chauvinists" had come to the Upper East Side in front of the Metropolitan Club during an anti-McInnes protest. Earlier in the day, vandals painted anarchic symbols on the doors of the clubhouse, shattering two windows and leaving a note condemning the conservative group for "inviting a hipster fascist clown to dance for them". While McInnes spoke at the event on Friday night, a crowd of at least 50 protesters gathered Sing "Kill more Nazis".

The proud boysdescribed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of the leading "recruiting grounds for white nationalists and anti-Semites", had a history of street violence and was involved in several anti-fascist struggles during a McInnes appearance at NYU last year. Group attacked two reporters including this one). After this event, McInnes said a right-wing radio host, "I can not recommend violence enough, it's a really effective way to solve problems."

This week, McInnes promised to play the "inspirational moment" of a Japanese socialist while performing at the Metropolitan Club. He was Escorted into the clubhouse by the police on Friday, apparently wearing a Samurai sword.

Asked before the event whether the Metropolitan Club had any concerns about providing a platform for someone like McInnes, CEO Ian Reilly Gothamist said, "It's part of the law, we're promoting people and ideas of all kinds from the right." We're open to different views. We would never invite anyone to incite violence. "

GOP chairman Ed Cox, meanwhile described the vandalism of the previous day as "a level of violence that we have not seen before."

Neither Reilly nor Cox responded to Gothamist's request for comment on Saturday.

We will update as more information becomes available.


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