Allies and adversaries harass the Government for its “blind” measures against inflation

Updated Wednesday, September 21, 2022 –

Vice Presidents Calvio and Daz.KIKO HUESCAEFE

Nadia CalvioIn absence of Snchez, has starred in the control session of the Government in Congress. The first vice president has been the object of a real bombardment by the parliamentary formations, related and rivals, who have revealed their reticence regarding the latest initiatives of the Government to face the inflationary crisis and their doubts about the economic situation of the country. pass

Calvio has defended government policy in favor of families and “in the general interest” while promoting economic growth. the vice president He has complained about the questions thrown at him by the opposition and he explained, in relation to the rise in mortgages, that the Government promotes the possibility that whoever has a variable-rate mortgage can change it to a fixed-rate one at no cost.

Ciudadanos has proposed approving a temporary and extraordinary deduction for families affected by the rise in mortgages and has urged the number two of the Government to take urgent measures to alleviate this situation. Calvio has reproached Ins Arrimadas pretend only to “appear on television” and has assured that he is meeting with the financial sector to find measures to mitigate the increase in interest rates for those who have mortgage loans.

It has not been only PP, Cs and Vox who have attacked the Executive’s policy in the face of the crisis. The CUP has also influenced this issue by emphasizing the rise in food prices. For the CUP, the measures of the Government “they are blind to inequality”. This formation disagrees with proposals that affect rich and poor alike, such as, for example, the reduction of VAT and is committed to direct intervention in the prices of food products.

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The Second Vice President, Yolanda Diaz, has also been a protagonist. Vox has described it as little Red Riding Hood for going from supermarket to supermarket trying to agree on a cheap shopping basket. This formation has been interested in the results of the labor reform which, in its opinion, are more than disappointing. “Fatal”, said the deputy Ins Caizares.

Díaz has insisted that the reform is working and has used the temporary rate in contracts, the number of stable and permanent employees and the number of contracts that have passed the trial period. Calvio and Daz have gone to great lengths to stress that the opposition votes against all measures that favor the working class.

The third vice president has had to defend the energy policy against the siege of the popular. Theresa Rivera has ensured that Spanish consumers are paying between 20 and 30% less than what they would bear if the measures put in place by the Executive were not in force.

Bildu has delved into the reform of pensions and “small adjustments” prepared by the Government to calculate future pensions. The abertzales have demanded specificity and precision that Jose Luis Escriv has weathered ensuring that “it is not intended to adjust or cut” the amount of them. He has insisted that what it is about is that the professional careers that have ups and downs at the end of their lives are not very harmed and has affirmed that the final result will be a “much fairer and more solid” system. Bildu has replied that in each year that the computation is increased to calculate the pension, the purchasing power of the resulting benefit is reduced by one point.

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