Allowing cars that are 15 days past their registration deadline to operate?

In order to urgently remove difficulties in car registration, the Ministry of Transport proposed to the Prime Minister to assign this ministry soon amending Decree 139/2018 in order and procedures to be shortened to suit the actual situation.

While waiting for the above decree to be revised, in the immediate future, the Ministry of Transport proposes to the Government to issue a resolution allowing the application of a number of specific mechanisms and policies to solve the current situation of traffic congestion.

Find a workaround for the registry.

Specifically, the Ministry of Transport recommends that each registration unit must arrange 1 high-ranking inspector, each line must arrange a qualified inspector to perform all stages of vehicle inspection. While current regulations require each line to have a minimum of 3 surveyors, of which at least 1 senior surveyor. The Ministry of Transport explained that, if the regulations were applied in the new direction mentioned above, it would solve the short-term shortage of registrars, especially high-level registrars. Instead of requiring a high-level registrar to calculate according to the registration line, each center has one or more registration line also only need 1 senior registrar.

Allows students to convert from experience in performing maintenance and repair work at automobile warranty and maintenance facilities to calculating the month of registration practice. Specifically, 1-2 years of repair experience is converted to 3 months of internship, 2-3 years of experience is converted to 6 months of internship, and over 3 years is counted as 9 months of internship. While current regulations require that the internship period must be at least 12 months. This amendment aims to reduce the practice time for registered students who have practical experience.

The Ministry of Transport also proposes to allow those whose certificate of registrar has been revoked to be re-evaluated for certification, including the case of retired registrars; At the same time, there is no limit on the number of vehicles that the inspectors carry out inspection in a day, in order to increase capacity and maximize the inspection capacity of each registration unit. Allowing registration units that have been suspended from operation to resume operations if they meet the conditions on facilities and capacity as prescribed.

In addition, the Ministry of Transport also proposed the Prime Minister to allow the use of registration forces of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Defense to participate in the inspection of motor vehicles at civil registration centers; Genuine warranty and maintenance facilities of automobile manufacturers, assemblers and importers that meet the requirements of equipment and human resources meet the same conditions as registration centers participating in vehicle inspection. convenient.

In this report, the Ministry of Transport proposes to the Prime Minister to allow vehicles that are overdue for registration within 15 days to be allowed to move to the registration units to perform technical safety and environmental protection inspection according to regulations. determined. These vehicles are not allowed to carry people, goods or transport business. This regulation is intended to remove the expired registration for vehicles that have not been inspected for more than half a month but have not been inspected because the registration centers are overloaded to be circulated on the road for inspection (instead of being banned from the road).

Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho said that in the past time, the police agency has investigated and discovered a number of violations in the registration of traffic vehicles; prosecuted the case and detained many related defendants to investigate and clarify law violations.

Up to now, the police agency has prosecuted and arrested more than 400 leaders and registrars at more than 68 motor vehicle registration units. This fact leads to serious congestion and overload at registration units, especially in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hoa Binh, affecting the ability to serve the needs of automobile inspection for people and businesses. Karma. Currently, the registration centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City only meet about 30% of the automobile inspection needs of people and businesses.

The Ministry of Transport has directed the Registration Department, the Department of Transport in localities to implement many solutions to meet the demand car inspection of the people, such as: Extending working hours at registration centers, working overtime during the holidays; register online for the registration schedule; mobilize additional personnel for registration centers with shortage of people, use retired and on bail registrars; coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security to review and allow registration centers that are closed to operate again… but the situation has not improved.

>>> Invite readers to watch more videos of the Bac Ninh CA press conference on the results of the fight against violations at the Road Motor Vehicle Registration Center:

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