“Almanya, welcome to Germany”, the story of a family from Anatolia to the FRG

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Almanya, welcome to Germany

Monday, February 24, at 8:55 p.m. on Arte

During a family meal, Hüseyin and his wife Fatma announce two big news to their children and grandchildren: they have just obtained German nationality and have bought a house in Turkey where they want to take their descendants for the next holidays . Cenk, 6, then questions: “Are we Turks or Germans?” “” Turks “, replied his father, the younger couple’s younger son; “Germans”, replies his mother, fair as wheat. To try to enlighten the child, his cousin sets out to tell him the family story.

The exploded narrative, from the birth of love between Hüseyin and Fatma in their village of Anatolia until the return to the sources, is woven between past and present. This sympathetic German comedy of the sisters Yasemin and Nesrin Samdereli would have gained to tighten around a few episodes but seduced all the same by its delicacy.

A pretty fantasy colors the story of the life of this Turk who arrived in the FRG on September 10, 1964, just after the millionth immigrant celebrated with fanfare; a tender irony quibbles the a priori of the Germans as of those who try, more or less, to integrate.

Far from a dramatized vision of immigration

Reconstructed with delicious nostalgia in shimmering colors, the 1960s were the scene of a culture shock that was ready to smile, with for Hüseyin’s family, pell-mell, the discovery of dogs on leashes, “German toilet”, Christmas rites.

The realization, removed, multiplies the funny vignettes: hilarious nightmares, imaginary childish representations (workers from all countries called to Germany by voices from the sky), use of a “false German” comic to give German-speaking spectators the feeling of strangeness in the face of an unknown language.

However, a more serious fall brings welcome depth to this light and engaging comedy which, in a very different tone, resonates with the tragic news that is shaking Germany.



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