almost 100 people from Sibiu were tested to see if they were allergic to the vaccine. “Most don’t”

Vaccination is the only solution to overcoming the pandemic and there are only a few categories of patients who have contraindications to vaccination, says doctor Corina Porr, who has already tested dozens of Sibiu people on the vaccine allergen, Polyethylene Glycol, but only a few of them have been shown. allergic to this compound.

“The vaccine is very good, my exhortation is: Get vaccinated! How else can we overcome the pandemic ?! (…) I have patients who ask me: have you been vaccinated? And my first reaction is: Three doses! I would the vaccine every month, if I should, only not to have COVID-19 again “, said for AGERPRES, Corina Porr, primary allergist and clinical immunologist in the Emergency County Clinical Hospital from Sibiu.

And now the allergist from Sibiu remembers that for three months after he had COVID-19 it was impossible for him to climb the stairs in the Polyclinic of the Emergency County Clinical Hospital in Sibiu, to consult his patients, and he had to use just the elevator.

“Three months after I had COVID-19, I prayed that the electricity would not be taken to the Polyclinic, so that I would not be able to reach the 3rd floor,” says doctor Corina Porr.

Since the beginning of the pandemic and until now, almost a hundred people from Sibiu have been tested in the Emergency County Clinical Hospital in Sibiu, to see if they are allergic to COVID-19 vaccines, to doctor Corina Porr, who says that “most of the they were not allergic. “

Not everyone can be tested for the allergen from COVID-19 vaccines at the Emergency County Clinical Hospital in Sibiu. Only those who come with a referral from a doctor and have a real risk of allergy to the vaccine allergen can be tested here. For example, patients who have had anaphylactic shock are tested before vaccination.

“Not everyone is tested, but only those who are at risk and risk does not mean those who are allergic, for example, to dust or pollen. Test indication has those who have a history of anaphylactic shock. Those who have allergies such as Symptoms of allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, which have non-life-threatening manifestations should not be tested. , such as wasps and bees, but not everyone is tested there either, but only those who have had anaphylactic shock and if they are patients who carry self-injecting adrenaline with them “, explains the allergist Corina Porr.

According to the Sibiu doctor, care should be taken before vaccination in patients with uncontrolled asthma and those suffering from mastocytosis.

“Care should be taken in patients who have uncontrolled asthma, there should be controlled asthma and then go to vaccination. So do not go to get vaccinated when your asthma is uncontrolled. Care should also be taken in patients who have cutaneous or systemic mastocytosis, in “There are not many of these patients, but it is a category that needs to be taken care of,” said allergist Corina Porr.

There are also patients who have had anaphylactic shock or suffer from asthma and who have been vaccinated without problems, but they have consulted before the vaccination with the allergist, who has made some recommendations that have helped them.

“Vaccination is contraindicated in those who had anaphylactic shock at a first dose of vaccine. There we have a contraindication. Vaccination is contraindicated in those who had immediate sensitization to the vaccine component, such as polyethylene glycol, there we have an absolute contraindication. , those with other allergic conditions may receive a certain premedication, to be followed for a certain time.Those who are at risk need extra attention, but recommendations are made and we have had patients, including colleagues, with anaphylactic, asthmatic shocks, who went and were vaccinated with some caution and suffered absolutely nothing, “said doctor Corina Porr.

From the beginning of the vaccination campaign until now, only a few people from Sibiu have addressed the doctor Corina Porr, with reactions after vaccination that required the consultation of the allergist.

Asked if there were any people from Sibiu who were vaccinated and had severe reactions after and needed the allergist’s consultation, doctor Corina Porr replied: “I had a very small number. In these cases, the treatment was given there, in the service (…) I think I had one or two patients with extensive local skin reactions who needed follow-up. “

The Sibiu Public Health Directorate announced on Wednesday that another vaccination center has been opened for the immunization of the population against COVID-19, in the municipality of residence, on Gorăslău Street, no. 1, pp. 5-6. The vaccination point was opened at the request of STEJARI Sibiu Medical Center and is related to the Health Insurance House.

“So far, a total of 170,210 people with the first dose of vaccine, 127,514 people with the second dose and 24,564 people with the third dose have been immunized in Sibiu County,” according to DSP.