Almost 25% of opponents do not appear, why? | Ceuta Television | Ceuta News

23.1% of applicants for one of the places in Secondary and FP have not taken the exam held yesterday in our city. A percentage “higher” than usual, which in any case does not usually drop below 15%, according to what the educational unions tell Ceuta Televisión.

But what happened this time, in which above “the offer was quite good”, according to sources consulted by this house ?. The reason is that “the opposition in Ceuta has coincided with other similar ones, practically throughout the national territory.

And that “there are specialties in which there were practically two opponents for each square,” a union source tells Ceuta Televisión. However “the greater offer of places in Andalusia, for example, has been able to influence” in the case of Ceuta.

That and that there are people who have been able to ‘play two bands’: register in Ceuta and Andalusia, and perform in both cities. As the dates coincide, many people have opted for the neighboring community “and they are guaranteed, at least, to be listed in Ceuta.”

From the Provincial Directorate of the MEFP these theses are ratified. “The cost of taking the boat and practically staying in Ceuta and being able to appear in Andalusia has been able to dissuade many applicants,” says a source consulted.