Almost 3-year-old boy died after falling into a gas station in San Antonio

A minor of 2 years and 9 months died when falling into a well near a service station, in the commune of San Antonio.

The incident occurred when the father got out of his vehicle with the minor to buy tokens and wash his car.

From one second to the next, the little boy was lost from sight, beginning a dramatic search in the same place. When he could not find it, he asked to see the security cameras and they noticed that the boy fell into the well of the “Lavamax” center.

The man came to his aid but it was too late, being rescued with no vital signs.

A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived, but the medical staff failed to save the minor’s life on his way to the Claudio Vicuña Hospital.

Subsequently, contact was made with the Prosecutor, Claudia Cancino, who instructed the attendance of personnel from the Homicide Brigade to carry out proceedings in their specialty and take the respective statements.

The oldest Manuel Herrera, commissioner of the First Commissioner of San Antonio, pointed out that “in the Copec service center the unfortunate death of the minor was registered, after arriving in the company of his parents.”

Finally, he added that “his family is very affected. Now the antecedents were put in the local prosecutor’s office ”, says MegaNoticias.

The Copec companyThrough a statement, he said “we are deeply moved by the death of a minor of two years and eight months, after an accident that occurred at the service station on Calle Lauro Barros 60, in the commune of San Antonio.”

It was added that “The company will make available to the authorities all the elements that are necessary for the investigation and clarification of this fact. We extend our deepest condolences to the family of the minor and, from now on, we offer all our collaboration in this difficult time ”.



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