Almost all Realschulen against Hauptschule leaving certificate

In Baden-Württemberg, children in secondary schools are taught at an intermediate level in the first two years. There are children for whom a basic level would be better suited – and teachers also vote against the system.

Almost all teachers in the secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg are worried about overwhelmed children in the two entry classes and would rather get rid of their secondary school leaving certificate today than tomorrow. In a survey by the Education and Training Association (VBE), nine out of ten teachers are in favor of abolishing the Hauptschule certificate at the Realschule and giving more weight to the recommendation for primary school.

Pupils can obtain the Hauptschule certificate at various types of schools. Secondary school students can be taught “basically”, i.e. at a simpler level (G level), on the way to their degree. In contrast, teaching at Realschulen takes place at an “intermediate level” in the first two years of school – regardless of which school-leaving qualification you are aiming for later. For many mothers and fathers, however, it is more attractive from the point of view of the Realschule to deviate from the primary school recommendation and to send their weaker child to the Realschule and not to the actually suitable Hauptschule or Werkrealschule.

The offer of the Hauptschule certificate at the Realschule, which was decided under the then Minister of Education Andreas Stoch (SPD), has been in effect since the 2016/17 school year.

junior high schools in a kind of sandwich position

“The school practice has made a clear judgment,” said the VBE state chairman Gerhard Brand on the results of the survey, the details of which are to be presented on Friday in Stuttgart. “The teaching of G-students together with the other Realschule students in a class is questioned for pedagogical reasons.” By teaching at the same time, none of the levels can be served properly, criticized Brand. The system does not do justice to the children and is labour-intensive.