Almost impossible mission: Come back from 1-3 in finals | NBA

The series between Lakers and Heat seems doomed. Not only because of the supremacy of the Angelenos with their golden duo at the head but because of an antecedent impossible to deny. From 3-1 practically nobody returns. Winning three consecutive games and being crowned champion in the NBA is a matter of only one so far. Let’s go over some history.

We come from a season where the Nuggets did it a couple of times. He trailed 1-3 deficits against Jazz and then Clippers, although he could not repeat against Lakers. Now, if we get into direct definitions of championships, of 34 finals with a 3-1 advantage, only once did it happen that it turned around. The 2016 Cavs made it possible when everything indicated that the Warriors (with a 73-9 season) would keep the ring.

Warriors had a clear and forceful dominance to place 3-1. Barri in the first two games, especially in the second (110 – 77) and beyond the Cavs discount, he won again as a visitor (108 – 97) to celebrate at home, something that did not happen. An explosive fifth game by James (41 pts, 16 reb, 7 assists) for discount (Without Green in a controversial suspension until today) as a visitor and return home.

In the sixth and at home, Cavs showed their total forcefulness with another monumental game by James (41 pts, 11 assists) and take everything to a seventh game but at the home of the Golden State. A totally balanced game, even with an advantage for the premises at the end of the third period. Cavs closed it better with Irving and James’ 27 points for an incredible 4-3, historic being the first team to come back from 1-3 in finals.

In fact the 19-20 season left us a series that was 3-1 but without surprises. Raptors remained match point in favor after 106-92 with 36 points from Leonard. The Warriors discount came on time in a 106 – 105 battle with Ibaka injured and the ghosts at the door. A great game was the sixth with Thompson’s serious injury (cruciate ligament tear) and the success of Toronto 114 – 110 with the last endless seconds but holding the advantage and winning the championship.


In 1951 New York Knicks reached the finals and was about to turn 0-3. He started very badly against the Rochester Royals (now the Sacramento Kings) but raised his head and almost hit the hit. They won the fourth game 79 – 73 then 92 – 89 and tied after beating 80 – 73. In the final match, Rolays celebrated 79 – 75 for the final 4-3 with Arnie Risen and Bob Davies as his offensive emblems.

One of the peak meetings between the Celtics and Lakers also came close to a feat. The Greens went 3-1 after the 122-117 win but were almost left with nothing. Lakers celebrated 121-117 with 41 points from Baylor and 31 points from West. In the sixth engagement, the Angelenos turned the match around to win 123 – 115 with 32 pts from West and 28 pts from Goodrich. In the seventh, the Celtics put everything in order. An incredible 95-93 from the greens with 26 pts and 32 reb from Russell for the crown and leaving the Lakers without the hit.

Jos Fiebig