Almost two thousand jobs at risk due to mobilizations

Through a statement it was made known that after nine days of mobilizations, within the framework of the National Strike called by the indigenous movement, they have registered several effects that, as a company that produces and exports frozen vegetables, they have had so far.

It is reported that the losses amount to USD 2 million in production costs, due to the lack of harvest and export of the product, putting at risk nearly two thousand direct formal jobs generated by the Provefrut, Nintanga and Profrozen Business Group, in Cotopaxi.

By not exporting, the broccoli harvest is impossible, losing around 350 tons of daily product. Broccoli is characterized by its short cycle, that is, time is an essential factor for its production.

Not being able to move the containers has generated a loss of 1,100 tons of finished product. Broccoli production takes place 365 days a year, that is, we produce and ship around 14 containers every day.

Affectations in the productivity of the following months; by not being able to do adequate monitoring against pests, fertilization tasks and transplanting new lots, among other production activities.

The objective is to be able to continue working and contributing to the economic reactivation of Ecuador and the well-being of all those who work with us, based on respect and collaboration. For this reason, they reiterate the call for dialogue and thus jointly move the country forward.

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