Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Alnatura opens in the customs port

MAINZ – (lex). The inhabitants of the customs port can shop from Thursday in their quarters. On August 16, Alnatura will open the first local supplier in Rheinallee 58a in the development area on the banks of the Rhine.

14 jobs are created in the new organic supermarket. Alnatura offers more than 6,000 organic items, including locally sourced produce, in a sales area of ​​around 770 square meters.

The branch is supplied with regional vegetables, for example, from the Biolandhof Morgentau in Kleinniedesheim, and the organic bakery Kaiser from Mainz-Kastel and Denningers Mühlenbäckerei in Frankfurt deliver organic bread and baked goods.

As a result, Alnatura now operates the second market in Mainz in addition to its existing 18-year-old business in the Große Langgasse. "We have been looking for a suitable store for a second market in Mainz for a long time and are pleased that we have found what we are looking for at Zollhafen," Alnatura Managing Director Rüdiger Kasch said.

During the opening days, the mobile "Alnatura KostBar team" will enter the new market and cook live, fresh seasonal organic dishes for its customers. All recipes are original creations.

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