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Alphen videographer puts Alphen on the map in new Polish series

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Alphense videographer Edmund Piunow has been active at home and abroad for several years now. Now he is involved in a new Polish-Dutch comedy, where he is a camera director and is responsible for the editing. And there is also a role for Alphen aan den Rijn.

In the Polish-Dutch comedy Samen.PL, the cultural differences between Poland and the Netherlands are discussed in a satirical way. After her studies, the main character, Jadzia, goes to work for a famous advertising agency in bustling Amsterdam. There she lives with stylist Philippe. In the first episode of the series, Jadzia decides to invite her parents to show them the beautiful Netherlands and to introduce her fiancé Jeroen to them.

That is where Alphen comes into play. Amsterdam is the place where the series takes place, but the sunny outdoor images were filmed in Alphen. For example, the Rijnplein, the Adventist Church, the Oude Raadhuis, the houses at De Baronie and the Alphense Brug pass by. “Alphen has a beautiful environment, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate images of that into the series. Extra fun, of course, because I live in Alphen myself,” says Edmund Piunow.

The first episode of the series was already shown as a pilot in Pathé Tilburg a few weeks ago. Recently, the twenty-minute episode can also be seen on YouTube. The counter is already at more than 20,000 views. But the ambitions of the cast and crew go further than that. “It was filmed like a real Netflix series. If it could eventually come to Netflix, that would be really cool. So that’s what we’re going for!”

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